Rita Metal Flux Mage

Shadowcult Leader.
A matured lady who willingly fell into the Shadow.

Raikoh Metal Flux Mage

The Thunder God from another world.
Likes travelling after arriving Luxium.

Hachi Fire Flux Warrior

Once a guard to General Will.
He is now the captain of Shadowhunters Spec Ops Forces.

Garr Fire Flux Ranger

Agent employed by the White Cape.
Came from the nomadic tribe in the North West of Red Desert

Shirou Water Flux Ranger

A smart lad that grew in Elysiann

Carter Arcana Flux Mage

Mike's housekeeper and driver.
Dumb, taciturn. Never takes his mask off.

Moon Wood Flux Mage

Mage of the Shadowhunters
She followed Bernard to join the Shadowhunters.

Brian Fire Flux Ranger

Captain of the White Capes
A stern and rigid man who is loyal to the Sword of Light

Yan Shu-Chi Arcana Flux Support

Originally a leopard spirit possessing Yan Shu-Chi's body.
Became the counselor of the Order of Equality after crossing over.

Lin Hu Earth Flux Tank

Once was the tiger god of the Lin Family.
Felt down as he could not find disciples after crossing over.

Likulau Wood Flux Mage

He used to be a god to a group of natives.
He became a hermit after crossing-over worlds.

Mike Water Flux Mage

Known as 'Business Matchmaker.'
A slippery tougue and a large connection web.

Peter Metal Flux Tank

Mike's bodyguard.
Hard-core, tough and able to fight.
A reliable man.

Su Arcana Flux Support

A painter at Saint City.
A sensitive genius who takes nothing as his business.

Nemesio Arcana Flux Ranger

A former vice leader of Oathblades and later an exile.
He walks his own journey and hunts shadows everywhere he goes.

Hou Metal Flux Ranger

A mechanic at Eversun.
A good friend of Hart.

Ranmaru Earth Flux Warrior

A friend and protector of Az.
A swordsman master in the legend.

Will Earth Flux Tank

Leader of Light of Purity.
He's been a good friend for years with Jonas, Leader of Order of Equality.

Priapus Fire Flux Mage

A Draconian Messenger in human shape.
Arrogant yet deadly charismatic.
His limited power is still fearsome.

Vundo Arcana Flux Mage

President of Never Isle Arcana Academy.
He has a loud voice and a heavy cigarette addiction.
He gets really mad when his favorite student takes up machinery.

Turing Metal Flux Warrior

The most renowned inventor.
Vundo's student who dislikes arcana.

Miles Wood Flux Ranger

Captain of Oathblades.
Grew up in a wolf pack.
Holds grudges against normal humans.

Eddie Metal Flux Ranger

Captain of Order of Equality.
He has a grey hawk called Chandler.
He is on bad terms with Miles.

Izumi Earth Flux Warrior

Assistant Captain of Never Isle Defense Force.
Despite his adorable look, he shows no mercy to enemies.
He is a good friend to Eddie and Miles.

Yan Metal Flux Tank

A Shadowhunter of the altar.
He protects Mokaro Altar,
yet remains away from his lover Su.

Chang Fire Flux Support

Chief of Cannye Shelter.
His Fire Talents excel at offense and defense.
He seems to be unattached to Yang.

Yang Fire Flux Warrior

Boss of Cannye Mafia.
He almost got killed by the Wite Cape and was rescued by the Cannye.
He seems to be unattached to Chang.

Bernard Earth Flux Tank

Guard Captain of Ursus Altar.
Tough-willed and beloved by soldiers.
Young as he is, he'd like to refer to himself as a senior.

Lan Arcana Flux Warrior

A Swordsman Master on Never Isle.
He likes sword and alcohol.

Sig Fire Flux Tank

A blacksmith on Never Isle.
He was once saved by Eddie.
He is passionate about labor and accomplished in craftsmanship.

Hart Fire Flux Warrior

a capricious rich young master.
He was grounded by his family for being a Gyee.
Later, he planned on an escape with the mechanic Hou.

Queerix Wood Flux Ranger

A carrot farmer.
He's shy and reluctant to leave his Granny.

Osmond Water Flux Support

White Turbans Doctor.
He is currently accredited to the White Cape.
He had a deceased brother in the White Cape.

Rand Fire Flux Warrior

A lumberman in seclusion.
He got displaced to avoid the White Cape.
There is detachment beside his handsome look.

Mira Fire Flux Warrior

Commander of Never Isle Defense Force.
She likes being alone and remains cold to everyone.

Mercy Water Flux Support

An Army Nurse sent to Oathblades by Kaism.
She is cute but careless.
She's into Miles.

Catherine Fire Flux Warrior

A mad girl with a lust for blood.
Betrayed, imprisoned and tortured,
she can only find herself in killing.

Yaen Arcana Flux Morph

A girl who stowed away to Never Isle for Arcana.
Grew up at Albert's Orphanage.
A mischievous genius witch.

Kitty Arcana Flux Mage

An Arcana Academy student.
Grew up at Albert's Orphanage.
He has a pair of kitty ears and is pretty active.

Musso Wood Flux Warrior

A cold-blooded killer.
He was once a retinue of a rich merchant.
He got abandoned and then he became a different man.

Choji Metal Flux Support

Chef of Mike Team.
He likes sea food but hates nasty cuisines.
He carries a variety of kitchenware with him.

Billy Earth Flux Tank

Turing's No.22 assistant
Grew up at Red Harbor and dreams to travel the world.
Zealous as he is, he has deft hands.

Rupor Metal Flux Morph

Hostress of Rupor Show.
As her deceased sister wants to see,
she designes clothes at day and deforms a queen at night.