Fire Flux Tank

Hear him ROAR!

Sweeping BladeNormal Attack

Markus sweeps the enemy with a giant blade, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *230% to 1 enemy. If this skill triggers Crit Rate, gains an extra 1 Concentration.

Passive Effect

Increases Sweeping Blade's damage by 15%; increases damage by up to 35% based on the target's lost HP.

Bloodoath ComboAdvanced

Markus slashes a giant blade to attack enemies, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *105% to 1 enemy, applying 2 stacks of [Disarm] on the target. This effect ignores Effect Resistance. When this skill is used, if self HP is higher than 90%, gains 1 Concentration.
[Disarm]: While the effect is active, each stack reduces the character's P.DMG dealt by 45%. After the character takes action, 1 stack will be reduced. Stackable for up to 2 times. Lasts 2 rounds. This effect can be purified.

Passive Effect

Each stack of [Disarm] can reduce the character's M.DMG by 15%.
[Disarm] cannot be purified.

Defense and OffenseUltimate

Markus changes the formation and prepares for defense, granting all ally units 2 stacks of [Battle Ready]. This skill consumes 3 Concentration.
[Battle Ready]: While the effect is active, each stack reduces the character's all damage (including true damage) dealt by 19%. Removes 1 stack after receiving single attack. Stackable for up to 2 times. Lasts 2 rounds. This effect can be dispelled.

Passive Effect

Increases [Battle Ready]'s Damage Reduction by 12% (Once skill reaches max level, boost is increased from 21% to 25.76%).
When self HP is lower or equal to 90%, casts Defense and Offense and gains an extra 1 stack of [Battle Ready]. The max stacks of [Battle Ready] is changed into 3 stacks.
When casting Defense and Offense with 5 Concentration, consumes all Concentration and gains [God] effect.
[God]: While the effect is active, becomes immune to all debuffs, including those that can make the character go out of control, lasting 1 round.

Golden LionMastery

Markus' M.DMG received is reduced by {0} (Fixed Bonus {1}+ Mastery Bonus {2}).
When ally units (Markus not included) receive Crit Rate, Markus gains 1 stack of [Fury]. Up to 6 stacks, lasting till the end of the battle. Can be dispelled. If the character possesses 1 stack of [Fury] or more, the character's next Normal Attack will be Critical; If the character possesses 3 stacks of [Fury] or more, the character's next Normal Attack will Stun the target and then removes 3 stacks of [Fury].
The first ally who uses single attack and hits any unit with [Disarm] will gain [Victory Pursuit].
[Stun]: While the effect is active, the character goes out of control. Lasts 2 rounds.
[Victory Pursuit]: Increases the character's next active skill's damage by 10%, lasting till the end of the battle. Can be dispelled.

Passive Effect


In Never Isle's tavern, there is often a hunky man hauling a barrel of wine and chatting with warriors. They would fight over some trivial matter. They might seem pretty serious about their fights, but they know the boundaries. In the end, those men with bruised faces would laugh it off as if nothing has ever happened. When they leave, the hunky guy would pay for the wine and the damaged furniture, with a hearty laughter. That hunky guy is Markus and his drinking buddies are warriors of Oathblades.

Markus is a simple, straightforward and sincere man. He has friends all over Luxium. He might seem to be a carefree and reckless fellow, but he is an excellent strategist who's great at arranging arrays. He led his army and made great contributions to the founding of Never Isle.

When Never Isle was first established, Markus led the group of Gyees willing to follow him and swore an oath with their blades on the Ruins of Azria: 'Kill all White Capes and eliminate all beings that threaten Gyees' existence!' Thus was how Oathblades was created. He and his Oathblades are independent, and daring to love and hate. They conquered the White Capes with iron fists, establishing a great reputation for Gyees. Named 'hero of oathblades', Markus enjoys an extremely high reputation among young Gyees.

In the battlefield, Markus would turn into a killing machine that always dashes forward and mercilessly kills enemies with a giant golden blade. He never recoils from any danger. His deafening battle cry would diminish enemies' morales and send them fleeing. That's why enemies call him 'Golden Lion'.

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