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What is Gyee?

GYEE is a 3D turn-based RPG card game.

It will be released globally on iOS, Android and Steam.

01 What is Gyee?

Within the world of the game, the Gyee are minorities group to broader society, blessed with bestial powers coursing through their veins and a golden glow in their eyes.

They seek kindred spirits to connect and bond with.

They walk amongst the ordinary folk as commonly misunderstood individuals that are often discriminated against.

Yet, in spite of all their hardship, they are brave and full of love. In a hostile environment, they strive for equality.

You arrive at Luxium through the power of a mysterious dice, before realizing that you can link your soul with the Gyees that you can meet, altering their destinies for the better.



Create Soul Links with the Gyees

Dragonkin: Priapus

Guardian: Yan

Cannye: Chang

Mad Woman: Catherine

Rich Young Master: Hart

Principle of the Arcane Academy: Vundo

White Bear: Izumi

Kendo Master: Lan

Kendo Master: Ranmaru

In-game Screenshots

In-game Screenshots

The Beginning

Opening animation: You and your friends are about to meet someone new.

The new friend was running late, so you socialized with the handsome owner of the establishment you were meeting your friend at for a while.

You ask to play something novel and exciting, and the owner grants you an experience that would soon change your life forever…


Explore and interact in a 3D environment to complete quests and move the plot forward.

The Gyees Await their Departure at Eversun.

The Gyees Arrive at Never Isle.


There are 8 classes among the Gyees, and the main character has 9 talents.

There isn't an all-powerful Gyee as each of them has a specialty.

You can create different teams based on characters' Suppress Flux, Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Magical or Physical attributes.

Each skill has its own animations and poses to demonstrate the character's features, background and personality.

Eddie's Ultimate

Musso's Ultimate

Rand's Advanced Skill (Group Attack)

Files and Intimacy

Files and Intimacy


Each Gyee has a file.

Increase your Intimacy of a character to unlock and enhance skills. You can also unlock Private photos, Trifles, and Rating on them.

Each Gyee has a unique story, personality, likes, and dislikes. You can find out more in their Background and Basic Files.

Most of the time, you will only see the Gyees' focused side in combat, but after unlocking their photos, you can see what they're like when just hanging out. But these photos are only available after you get to know them!

Trifles are the Gyees' personal stories that you have been a part of. Become a part of their lives and be there for them!

File System: Basic Information

Everyone wants to see more photos!

You can even watermark the photos after unlocking them.

Here's what others say about the character. Indulge in your inner desire for gossip!

Increasing Intimacy

You can increase your intimacy with them by giving gifts, fighting together, and unlocking tidbits.

You can also buy them drinks and hang out in the pool with them at the Hottie Bar!

Buy them drinks at the Hottie Bar. If you have gifted them with swimming trunks, then you can hang out with them in the pool!

Special Stories

Special Stories

You might find some of these stories relatable...

Eddie and Miles are always fighting with each other.

Every single time!

A factory worker that was "healed"

He was not accepted

Berated by his family

The "healing" process

His "recovery" was good news to his family



We hope that this is a community that everyone can participate in.

Players will be able to interact with all the Gyees in-game, as well as other players with similar interests and values. Get to know them and make some friends!

Set up a profile so others can see it.

Meet people through the chat, or find nearby players.

Friends can exchange or send gifts.

To receive something, you must contact the sender and obtain a password to open the gift. We are also doing our best to get players involved in building the community.

We invited a popular community artist to join us in creation.

The game is changing constantly, with each test, feedback, and suggestion.

We hope that more players will join us in building the community.

You can spread our message and invite like-minded people.

You can make localization suggestions.

You can also create fan works.

You can play the game extensively and send us feedback.


The community grows a little with everything we do, and the world becomes a little more tolerant.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

We are a diverse team trying to create something to express ourselves.

We hope that everyone will see this game, and hope some will take it to heart.

Some of us have been through very difficult times.

We had doubts about ourselves when we were bullied and criticized.

We were afraid to love.

We know how difficult it is for minorities to fight for equality.

But we believe that the road to self-recognition and happiness is always worth struggling for.

We hope to honor those still fighting for equality and love through the story of the Gyees, which is full of hardship and hate, but also hope and love.



We plan to roll out servers and release the game as we finish our localization efforts for each region.

It will be released on iOS, Android and Steam.

Chinese: The game has completed 2 rounds of testing in China and will be released pending approval.

Beta testing will be available in late April for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

English: If all goes according to plan, we hope to release the English version in 2019 for multiple English-speaking countries.

Japanese: We hope to release in Japan in 2019.

Other languages: We welcome any and all volunteers from our community to work on other versions.

What is Gyee?