Fire Flux Mage

Genius Fire Flux Teacher.

Fire BirdNormal Attack

Sebastian unleashes a Fire Bird, dealing damage equal to 91%* M.ATK to an enemy. Also burns the enemy for 2 rounds. Can be dispelled.

Burn: At the beginning of each round, deals damage equal to 80% of ATK. Cannot be stacked.

Passive Effect

Scorch: Burn now deals damage equal to 100% of M.ATK.

Heat AbsorptionAdvanced

Sebastian extracts the energy of 1 enemy, dealing magical damage equal to 182% of M.ATK and grants self Scorching Barrier.

Scorching Barrier: replaces High Temperature Barrier effect and grants self a shield equal to 300% of M.ATK (5 times that during PvP). Shield can balance out damage, lasting for 2 rounds, and cannot be dispelled.

Passive Effect

Abundant Firepower: Increases damage dealt by Heat Absorption by 20%.

Unbound Flames: After Heat Absorption, gains Unbound Flames for 1 round. Cannot be dispelled.

Unbound Flames: While the effect is active, becomes immune to all debuffs that make the character uncontrollable for 1 round.

Core ExplosionUltimate

Sebastian calls down meteors, striking all enemies and dealing magical damage equal to 141%* M.ATK while ignoring 30% of the enemy's DEF. He also gains Remnants.

Sebastian has mastered the power of fire. His skills initially cost 90 Mana, but the cost is reduced by 15 every round, down to 60.

Remnants: The next Core Explosion deals 25% more damage, stacking up to 2 times. Lasts until the end of the battle.

Passive Effect

Arcana Support: Increases damage dealt by Core Explosion by 25%.

Avenging Fire: Increases damage dealt by Core Explosion by 35%.

Flux Recycling: Gains 30 Mana after Core Explosion kills an enemy.

Champion of FlamesMastery

As a Champion of Flames, Sebastian is immune to Silence and Taunt until the end of the battle. Cannot be dispelled.

Raging Flames: Sebastian increases his ATK. At the beginning of the battle, he gains an additional 50% M.ATK, but the bonus is reduced by 10% every round (only reduced from the 50% bonus) until the bonus reaches 0%. Lasts until the end of the battle, and cannot be dispelled.

High Temperature Barrier: At the beginning of the battle, Sebastian gains a shield that equals 200%* M.ATK (5 times that during PvP). Lasts until the end of the battle and cannot be dispelled.

Advancing Flames: While in combat, every time a new round starts, he gains 200% speed, up to 600%. When attacking enemies that are slower, he deals 20% additional damage. Lasts until the end of the battle, and cannot be dispelled.

Passive Effect


Fire flux teacher and virtuoso. Flames of vengeance burn beneath his cool exterior.

When Sebastian emerged from the bathtub, the top of his head and his shoulders were steaming.

As he wiped the fog off his mirror, he was still thinking about the contents of the report. The report revealed the identity of the murderer he had been pursuing. After reading the report, Sebastian had ignited a flame in his palm and burned it without saying a word.

He gently set the needle upon the record and music began to play melodiously. He picked up the picture frame beside his bed and stared at it. Framed within it was a photo of a graduation that did not belong to him, and on the back of the photo was a person's name, implying that its owner was already dead. Sebastian lightly ran his finger across the person's name, then set the picture frame down and turned to face the sun.

Sebastian, currently an instructor of Fire-type Flux at the Arcana Academy, had once run away from the academy because of a murder and had pursued its culprit for many years. Now, he can finally lay to rest the burdens of the past in the same place they all started.

His fingers tapped along to the rhythm of the music's drums. The symphony was about to come to an end. A plan for vengeance gradually began to take shape in his heart. He packed up his lesson plans and script, and started to author a glorious yet secret drama.

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