Earth Flux Warrior

"Aura Slash, To Survive and Live, Stunning Power
Against Odds"

Sword: PierceNormal Attack

Ranmaru wields the sword to strike 1 enemy, dealing physical damage equal to PATK*84%.

Passive Effect

Has a chance to extend [Running Blood] by 1 turn when [Sword: Pierce] is cast.


The flux flowing around Ranmaru's body grants the [Running Blood] effect and consumes Ranmaru's 15% HP.
[Running Blood]: Grants a 6% lifesteal effect and increases damage dealt by 25% for 2 turns.

Passive Effect

Enhances [Running Blood]'s lifesteal effect to 10%.
[Running Blood] increases Ranmaru's healing received by 15%.

Sword: Against StormUltimate

Attack 1 enemy, dealing physical damage equal to PATK*414% and inflicting [The Last One]. This skill consumes all the Rage and increases the damage dealt.
[The Last One]: The effect cannot be removed. The target affected by it will be the last enemy to make a move, lasting 2 rounds.

Passive Effect

When [Against Storm] hits a target, inflicts [Gasp] on it.
[Gasp]: Reduces the target's damage dealt by 15% for 2 turns.
Ranmaru gains [God] if [Against Storm] kills the enemy.
[God]: Grants immunity to controlling debuffs for 2 turns.
[Against Storm] ignores 20% of the target's PDEF.

Aura SlashMastery

Ranmaru gains [Spirit of Sword] after his move.
[Spirit of Sword]: Create a shield covering damage equal to P.ATK*X%(related with Mastery skill's level) when Ranmaru gains [Spirit of Sword]. The effect cannot stack. A new [Spirit of Sword] will remove the former one. [Spirit of Sword] increases Ranmaru's damage by 20.36%. If there's no [Spirit of Sword], damage increases by 12.6%.

Passive Effect


Master Ranmaru is a good friend and protector of Az, the "Man-dragon". He combined swordfighting with magic to create his own unique "Arcane Blade" school. He also studied the secret to immortality and achieved slow aging, but because he lacks the power to master its control, he often falls into deep slumber.

Ranmaru left Azria without a trace after Az departed Wonderland, only to resurfaced in the Battle of Azria, slaying many in the Shadow Cult. Following Flux Tower's explosion that leveled Azria, Ranmaru was gone again. Some claimed to have spotted him in the Star Forest, the Red Desert, and even the Dragon Keep, looking out to the sea, perhaps waiting for a certain person to return.

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