Metal Flux Support

“Heal an ally with Gluttony per time”

Iron PotNormal Attack

Choji punches the enemy with his wok, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK*73%.

Passive Effect

[Iron Pot] has a chance to inflict [Spices] on the target when gets a hit.
[Spices]: The target's damage toward Choji is reduced by 15%.


Choji made ramen, recovers HP equal to M.ATK*64% for 1 ally and remove the effects [Oppression], [Silence] and [Taunt] on the ally.

Passive Effect

Increases [Noodles]'s healing effect by 11%.
[Noodles] additionally removes 1 non-control debuff.

Ultimate FeastUltimate

Choji consumes 3 Concentration to create a Ultimate Feast, recovering HP equal to M.ATK*98% for 1 ally. This skill consumes all the Concentration and increases the healing amount. Meanwhile, the remaining healing amount will be used on himself.

Passive Effect

Increases [Ultimate Feast]'s healing effect by 11%.
Increases [Ultimate Feast]'s healing effect by 15% for targets affected by [Fragrance].
Increases [Ultimate Feast]'s healing conversion rate for [Fragrance] by 15%.


The target when casts [Noodles].
[Fragrance]: X% of Choji's healing will go to targets affected by [Fragrance] (X is related with Mastery skill's level). Lasts until the battle ends. Only one [Fragrance] exists at a time. By inflicting [Fragrance] on a new target, the former [Fragrance] will be removed.

Passive Effect


Born in the west, Choji's dream has always been to feast on authentic seafood fried rice. He's worked in his father's little tavern since childhood and awed patrons with his dishes as far away as Crossport, despite the fact that Crossport is too far for the seafood imported to be fresh enough to meet his demands.

Back then, Mike was putting together a caravan and he always had a soft spot for Choji's cooking, so he asked Choji if he'd rather fry a bigger fish. After a whole night's thinking, Choji decided to join Mike and travel the world.

Choji comes off mean probably because he takes cooking very seriously. But don't let that scare you, tell him you love his noodles, then he'll pat his belly in happiness and make you desert!

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