Earth Flux Mage

Chess or Trick? True or False?

Arcane ChessNormal Attack

Jonas casts Arcane Chess and deals M.DMG equal to M.ATK *75% to 1 enemy.

Passive Effect

[Arcana Chess]'s damage is increased by 15%.

Star TrailAdvanced

Jonas weaves Star Trail with Arcane power, and channels for 2 rounds. The first round deals M.DMG equal to M.ATK *150% to all enemies. The second round deals M.DMG equal to M.ATK *450% to all enemies. This skill's damage is taken evenly by all surviving enemy units. While channeling, each round restores 15 Mana.

Passive Effect

Star Trail will add a medium amount of true damage to each target. Damage is reduced as self HP lowers.
During the channeling of Star Trail , gains immunity to Control. Upon receiving single attack, gains [Chess Breaker].
[Chess Breaker]: While the effect is active, reduces damage dealt by self by 50% for 1 round. Cannot be purified.

True or FalseUltimate

Jonas creates an Arcane area with chess pieces for allies, granting all ally units except self [Decoy] (Allies with God effect or immune to Deform cannot gain this effect), and gains [King Chess].
[Decoy]: Jonas' illusion decoys inherit attributes of the allies, but they can only cast Arcane Chess and Defense. The character gains immunity to [God], [Invincibility], [Deform] and [Silence], reduces AoE damage by 20%, and increases single damage taken by 400%. Can be dispelled, lasting until Jonas' [King Chess] effect disappears or the character's HP is reduced to zero. When this effect disappears, the character's HP and Resources (Mana, Rage, Focus, Concentration) return back to values before transforming.
[King Chess]: While the effect is active, increases M.DMG dealt by Arcane Chess by 220%, lasting 1 round. Can be dispelled.

Passive Effect

Enhances [King Chess]'s Damage Increase by 12%. (Once skill reaches max level and Passive is unlocked, Damage boost is increased from 300% to 336%.)
Every 1 [Decoy] in ally units reduces Jonas' P.DMG and M.DMG taken by 15%.
Casting True or False adds defeated allies [Decoy]. Units that gain [Decoy] in this manner will return to defeated status after [Decoy] is removed.


Jonas excels in making strategies and tactics, increasing self's Max Mana by 15 points. But each round's Mana recovery is reduced by 15 points (The effect can be activated without unlocking Mastery). The character's P.DMG is reduced by 20%, while storing all M.DMG taken. While casting Arcane Chess, adds 50% of stored true damage and then removes the same amount of stored damage.
Jonas' M.DMG dealt is increased by {0} (Fixed Bonus {1}+ Mastery Bonus {2}). Cannot be dispelled.
Jonas has a keen observation and he is immune to all [Silence] and [Chaos] effects.

Passive Effect


Jonas was born into a wealthy merchant family of Harveston. He inherited the family business in his 20s. Determined to live an open life as a Gyee, he transferred his business to Azria. When he first arrived at Azria, Jonas helped Harmon, Azria Parliment's Elder, change the guardians' armor and gained Harmon's trust.

He was then recruited to be Azria's official merchant.

During his term as Azria's official merchant, Jonas brought a large fortune to the city and expanded his business even further. In the meantime, his generosity, kindness and hospitality were well loved by both commoners and officials alike.

Ever since Never Isle was established, Gyees were divided into two fractions.

The fraction led by Jonas had founded the 'Order of Equality'. They believe that disputes and misunderstandings can only be settled through communication. To promote fellow Gyees' benefits and improve their relationship with humans, they advocate the idea of conducting business and cooperation with humans.

By utilizing his courage, means, fortune, and network, Jonas built a giant business empire after a decade's work and improved the living conditions of Gyees in Luxium. However, given the circulating rumors about him and his mysterious lifestyle, people started to doubt his way of doing business. Some people even suspect that his ambition won't stop here...

Although no one can deny the contribution he has made to fellows, the disputes and suspicions about him will never stop...

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