Metal Flux Support

Retired veteran and intern doctor.

Remote HealingNormal Attack

Elbrand chooses an ally and restores M.ATK *37% HP for them.

Passive Effect

Urgent Care: If target has a lower percent of HP than self, adds 1 stack of Heat.

Regeneration BarrierAdvanced

Elbrand grants Regeneration Barrier to a friendly target and restores HP for them worth M.ATK *75%. When this skill is used on defeated units, it allows them to return to the battle and restores HP worth their max HP *10%, and grants Flux Illusion.

Regeneration Barrier: Shield grands Elbrand a shield that absorbs damage worth M.ATK *82%. Upon adding, removes all Bleed effects. While in effect, increases healing by 15%. Lasts 2 rounds. When Shield reaches 0, effect is lost. Can be dispelled.

Flux Illusion: This effect can only exist on one ally at a time. Once added, the cooldowns of all skills are reset and all Energy is restored before taking action in the first round. This effect lasts 2 rounds, cannot be dispelled, and is removed upon defeat. When this effect is lost, the unit that has it is immediately defeated and cannot be revived.

Passive Effect

Overload Support: If target's HP percentage is not greater than own, adds 1 stack of Heat.

Energy Recovery: If Regeneration Barrier is removed before naturally expiring, it immediately restores HP worth M.ATK *100% Elbrand's HP.

Blazing PunchUltimate

Elbrand uses Blazing Punch I against the target to deal M.DMG worth M.ATK *59%. After casting the skills, all stacks of Heat are removed.

With at least 1 stack of Heat, Blazing Punch I is upgraded to Blazing Punch II, dealing M.DMG worth M.ATK *75%.

With at least 3 stacks of Heat, casts Blazing Punch III, dealing M. DMG worth M.ATK *52% and restoring M.ATK *82% HP for all allies.

With 5 stacks of Heat, casts Blazing Punch - Supercharge, dealing Max HP *4% true damage to the target (cannot exceed M.ATK *500%) and gives all allies 1 stack of Dust Camo. Afterward, falls into Overload state for 1 round.

Dust Camo: Each stack grants immunity to 1 attack's damage. Lasts 2 rounds. Can be dispelled. Stackable up to 2 times.

Overload: Stun state. While the effect is active, the character goes out of control. Effect lasts 1 round, can be purified, and is lost upon death.

Passive Effect

Strong Potion: Blazing Punch III's healing effect increases by 20%.

Sustained Release Potion: Blazing Punch III adds Sustained Release Potion.

Sustained Release Potion: Restores HP worth M.ATK *100% every round for Elbrand. This effect lasts 3 rounds, can be dispelled, and is lost upon defeat.

Camo Device: Blazing Punch - Supercharge adds 1 stack of Dust Camo to allies.

Battlefield PurityMastery

Elbrand charges his mechanical arm. After using the Remote Healing normal attack, gets 1 stack of Heat. After using the Regeneration Barrier skill, gets 2 stacks of Heat. (This effect does not require unlocking Mastery.)

Elbrand is familiar with using emergency measures on the battlefield, and is immune to Sleep and Taunt effects, and cannot suffer Bleed effects. Increases healing. Adds First Aid Kit to all allies at the start of battle.

First Aid Kit: After taking damage, if HP is lower than 50%, then grants 1 round of God and removes Immunotherapy. Before removing these effects, adds 1 stack of Heat to Elbrand. This effect lasts until the end of battle, cannot be dispelled, and is removed at the end of battle or when the character that inflicts it is defeated.

Heat: Each stack increases own damage by 4% and reduces own damage taken by 4%. This effect lasts until the end of battle, cannot be dispelled, and is removed upon defeat. Stackable up to 5 times.

Passive Effect


The Iron Fisted Doctor, resists damage

When he looks up, it was already afternoon, and the orange sunlight had spread across the table, clearly on its last legs. It was still bright in the west. Elbrand stands up, his left shoulder aching. He tries to move it around, but his robotic arm creaks, as it hasn't been used in a while.

Elbrand closes the medical file in front of him, and walks to the window. In a split second, half of the sunlight in the room is blocked out. Were he to take off his white coat, no one would suspect that this buff and stern middle-aged man were an intern doctor at the Kaist Church.


Elbrand is startled by the sound of the door opening. The shrill sound recalls the hellish world of his past, but Mercy's voice brings him back to the present again.

"Can you take a look at this patient, Elbrand?" Mercy asks, her head poking through the door that is only slightly ajar. The setting sun casts Elbrand's shadow in her direction.

"Show them in." Elbrand says, sitting at the desk. He takes a deep breath. The air is quiet and devoid of tension and sand, and Elbrand feels a little out of his element.

The patient sits down, and Elbrand speaks: "Well, then." His voice is a little hoarse at first, but it clears up quickly. "What's the problem?" He calms down, focuses, and begins to answer his new calling.

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