Wood Flux Ranger

“Airborning, Dodging, Damage Multiplied
upon Impact of Carrot Shell”

Carrot BarrageNormal Attack

Queerix fires out the carrot cannon toward 1 enemy, dealing physical damage equal to PATK*37% and inflicting 1 [Bleeding].
[Bleeding]: Targets affected receives physical damage equal to PATK*16% before the move, lasting 2 turns, up to 6 stacks.

Passive Effect

[Carrot Shooting]'s [Bleeding] effect cannot be removed.
Bleeding]: Targets affected receive physical damage equal to PATK*16% for 2 turns, up to 6 stacks.

Break TimeAdvanced

Queerix jumps on the carrot cannon and gains the [Aerial] effect which lasts 1 turn. And gains the [Energetic] effect after [Midair] ends.
[Energetic]: Increases [Carrot Shooting] damage by 188% and adds 1 Bleeding.
[Midair]: Targets affected by Midair won't be targeted by melee skills.

Passive Effect

[Halftime] recovers HP equal to PATK*30% for Queerix.
Increases [Energetic] damage by 15%.
[Energetic]: Increases [Carrot Shooting] damage and additionally inflicts 1 Bleeding.

Carrot BazookaUltimate

Queerix minces the carrot and throws it toward 1 enemy, dealing physical damage and true damage (affected by the stacks of [Bleeding]) equal to PATK*161%.
[Bleeding]: Targets affected receive physical damage equal to PATK*10% for 2 turns, up to 6 stacks.

Passive Effect

Increases [Carrot Bomb]'s base damage by 24%.
[Carrot Bomb] recovers 8 Mana for Queerix after dealing damage.
[Carrot Bomb] removes and initiates the damage of [Bleeding] on the target.
[Bleeding]: Targets affected receive physical damage equal to PATK*10% for 2 turns, up to 6 stacks.


Queerix gains [Escape].
[Escape]: Has chance to dodge the single-targeted damage (related to Mastery skill's level)

Passive Effect


Queerix was born in Eleanor. His parents passed away when he was an infant, leaving grandmother as his only kin. He was a good kid but not particularly blessed for his kindness. As he grew, his grandmother inadvertently discovered he was a Gyee and thought, "This is not an era of fairness". In their remote village, folks adamantly believed Gyee are of the Shadow, monsters that hurt people and have never stopped discriminating and bullying Gyee. To protect the poor child, granny decided to keep it a secret.

It wasn't worth growing up in Queerix's eyes, since the granny who adored him suddenly changed, forbidding him from playing with other kids, even barring him from attending school. His memories were limited to the carrot fields and the shoddy hut. He had no idea what he did wrong to deserve such "punishment". For a while he resisted, even running away from home, until that man came into his life.

He was 10 years older and already a suave young adult by the time Queerix hit 8. They first met in the carrot field. He didn't mind Queerix had no friends or that he was just a farmer, even teaching the kid his best machinery skills. With his help, the first carrot bazooka saw the light of day, prompting an exciting Queerix to proclaim he will never be bullied again.

As the two became more intimate, Queerix divulged the emotion that he felt his grandmother hated him, but was shocked by the response. The man knew he is a Gyee and figured granny must have known as well, so everything she did was to protect him, albeit in an old-fashioned, obtuse way.

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