Mizuki Koichi
Wood Flux Ranger

A dimension traveler from Tildant.Caius's bride.

ShootNormal Attack

Koichi shoots a ball at 1 enemy precisely, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *81%. If the target's HP is lower than 50%, gains 1 Concentration additionally.

Passive Effect

Swish: Increases Shoot's DMG by 30%.

Mana ProjectionAdvanced

Koichi enchants a ball with Mana and throws it at 1 enemy, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *187%. Before attacking, if the target's HP is higher than 50%, gains 1 Concentration additionally.
When this skill launches a critical hit, inflicts 1 stack of [Magical Energy Erosion].
[Magical Energy Erosion]: While the effect is active, reduces the DMG against the caster by 10%, stacking up to 4 times. Lasts until the end of the battle, the character dies or the caster dies. Cannot be purified.

Passive Effect

Flux Blessing: Increases Mana Projection's DMG by 20%.
Pact Connection: If Mana Projection hasn't launched a critical hit, gains 1 stack of [Mana Charging].
[Mana Charging]: While the effect is active, increases Crit DMG by 5%. When the character is controlled, reduces DMG taken by 10%, stacking up to 5 times. Lasts until the end of the battle or after Tildant Blessing launches a critical hit. Cannot be dispelled.

Tildant BlessingUltimate

Caius will never forgive anyone who hurts Koichi. Deals P.DMG equal to P.ATK *421% to 1 enemy. This skill consumes all the Concentration and increases the DMG dealt.

Passive Effect

Bride of Prosperity: Increases Tildant Blessing's DMG by 15%.
Prince's Coercion: If Tildant Blessing consumes 4 or more Concentration, inflicts 1 stack of [Magical Energy Erosion] on all enemies. [Magical Energy Erosion]: refer to the description of Mana Protection.
Awakening of Love: If Tildant Blessing consumes 5 Concentration, launches a critical hit

Titan's BrideMastery

Koichi can receive Mana from Caius, increasing his DMG. Cannot be dispelled.

At the beginning of the battle, Koichi gains 2 stacks of [Prince's Blessing] and [Agile Movement].

[Prince's Blessing]: While the effect is active, each stack bounces 150% of DMG taken. Each action removes 1. Lasts 2 rounds and cannot be dispelled.

[Agile Movement]: While the effect is active, there is a small chance to dodge attacks. Every time 1 ally dies, increases the dodge chance. If the dodge is successful, grants 1 Concentration. If not, reduces the direct DMG taken from the skill by 55%. Lasts until the end of the battle or the character dies. Cannot be dispelled.

Passive Effect


The Titan's Bride authorized character.

Protected by the Titan, Bride of Prosperity

Mizuki Koichi used to be a high school student on Earth. He was the leader of his school's basketball club and the winner of the National High School Basketball Competition. Easygoing, good at both studying and sports, he was very popular at school. One day, however, he was summoned by Caius, the prince of Tildant, to his world Eustil.

'Please be my bride and govern the kingdom with me!' said Caius to Koichi.

Koichi refused to accept the Titan's proposal: he is way too large. Without a clue of how he was supposed to go back, however, Koichi had to agree with Caius's second proposal: the two of them would have a one-month trial. If he still wouldn't be his bride in one month, Caius would send Koichi back to his original world.

In that month, Caius and Koichi traveled around Eustil and Koichi gradually learned the Titans' culture. In the end, Koichi was moved by Caius's selfless love and decided to spend the rest of his life with him. They completed the pact and Koichi stayed in Eustil.

Some day, they found a treasure of the Longears'. After touching it, both of them lost consciousness...

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