Metal Flux Mage

The Thunder God from another world.

Likes travelling after arriving Luxium.

Sudden ThunderNormal Attack

Raikoh summons Lightning to attack 1 enemy, dealing magical damage equal to M.ATK *73%. When the character possesses [Thunder Pattern], additionally gains 2 stacks of [Thunder Pattern].
When the character doesn't possess [Thunder Pattern], there will be no way to restore [Thunder Pattern], but [Sudden Thunder]'s damage will be increased by 26% permanently.
Possesses passive skill [Thunder God] since the beginning.
[Thunder Pattern]: When the character possesses it, gains immunity to death when taking fatal damage and gains 6 stacks of [Divine Will].
[Divine Will]: Raikoh cannot act but is immune to death. Whenever Raikoh takes physical damage, removes 1 stack, lasting 2 rounds. When the duration is over, removes all the [Divine Will]. Every stack of [Divine Will] remaining restores Raikoh's HP and deals true damage shared by all enemies. If all the [Divine Will] is removed by enemy's attack, Raikoh dies directly.

Passive Effect

Increases [Sudden Thunder]'s damage by 30%.

Thunder PrisonAdvanced

Raikoh operates the Thunder Channeler to surround 1 enemy, dealing magical damage equal to M.ATK *180%, with a very high chance to make the target enter the state [Thunder Prison].
[Thunder Prison]: While the effect is active, the character goes out of control and cannot receive any healing, lasting 1 round.

Passive Effect

Increases [Thunder Prison]'s damage by 20%.

If [Thunder Prison]'s target's HP is more than 65%, extends [Thunder Prison]'s duration to 2 rounds.

Roaring ThunderUltimate

Raikoh releases all the magic devices to form a circle on the ground of 1 enemy, dealing magical damage equal to M.ATK*339%.

Passive Effect

Increases [Roaring Thunder]'s damage by 15%.

[Roaring Thunder] deals splash magical damage to units beside the target.

[Roaring Thunder]'s damage ignores shield.

Thunder's ArcanaMastery

Possesses immunity to [Paralysis] since the beginning.
Raikoh's skill damage increases by {0} (Fixed Bonus {1}+Mastery Bonus {2}). When self HP is less than 50%, skill damage additionally increases by 35%.

Passive Effect


Raikoh is a thunder god from another world said to be here on vacation. If this is true, this vacation has been a long one. His usual job is to work with the gods of rain and wind to control the weather. Since he's usually not very busy, Raikoh has given them a replica of his Thunder Channeler weapon that they can use in his absence as he travels around.

He is a surprisingly talented singer and has become an extremely popular, mysterious, idol in the human world. It is very common for him to be recognized on the street and get requests for autographs. It's a shame that he's not too interested in this side hobby and thus isn't a very enthusiastic participant. His conduct is direct and carefree, and sometimes others take advantage of him without him realizing it.

Having said that, there are very few who can survive the onslaught of his thunder.

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