Fire Flux Mage

The son of the forest who lives in solitude.

IncinerateNormal Attack

Haku incinerates 1 enemy with his flames, dealing M.ATK *72% M.DMG.

Passive Effect

Heating Up: Increases the damage of Incinerate by 25%.


Haku wields the arcane power to subjugate all enemies, dealing M.ATK *97% M.DMG. Inflicts [Subdued I] on the main target.

[Subdued I]: Increases M.DMG taken by 15%. Lasts 2 rounds and can be purified.

Passive Effect

Abysmal: Increases the damage of Subjugate by 15%.

Oppressive: Inflicts [Subdued II] on the secondary targets.

[Subdued II]: Increases M.DMG taken by 10%.

Boundless VoidUltimate

Haku focuses all of his power to strike at 1 enemy, dealing M.ATK *345% M.DMG and inflicting [Suffering]. This skill consumes all the Concentration to increase the damage dealt.

[Suffering]: The character cannot receive any buffs. Lasts for 1 round and can be purified.

Passive Effect

Overwhelm: Increases the damage of Boundless Void by 10%.
Void Ward: Casting Boundless Void grants a shield that absorbs M.ATK *100% damage (the shield's HP is greatly increased in the Arena). Lasts for 2 rounds.
Vicious Cycle: If Boundless Void kills the target, Haku takes action again and recovers 30 Concentration.

Forest White FoxMastery

Haku receives 30% less healing and becomes immune to [Paralysis]. Purifies all DOTs on Haku before he takes action. Haku deals increased damage with the Mastery. and gains corresponding stacks of Fox Flames when he receives Concentration.
At the beginning of the battle, Haku gains [Inner Fire] and [Fire Imbued].
[Inner Fire]: Before taking action, gains 1 Concentration if self HP is below 50%.
[Fire Imbued]: At the beginning of the battle and the end of his action, Haku gains one of the following effects based on the stacks of Fox Flames he possesses:
[Kindled]: When holding 0 to 2 stacks of Fox Flames, reduces damage taken by 50%.
[Eternal Flame]: When holding 3 or 4 stacks of Fox Flames, increases damage dealt by 20%.
[Combustion]: When holding 5 stacks of Fox Flames, increases damage dealt by 20%, removing and becoming immune to control effects.

Passive Effect


Indifferent, Calm, Nonchalant, and Detached.

Haku sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night. In summer, he's surrounded by the chirping of insects and birds in the woods; in winter, everything is dead quiet. Haku often uses his fox flames as a light source when he's resting at a secluded creek or whispering to the tree elves.

During the day, Haku likes to take a walk in the forest and play with animals, which are not afraid of him at all. It's almost like Haku himself is a part of the forest instead of a member of the human world.

Enjoying solitary, Haku doesn't like to be disturbed by others and rarely shows any emotions. The forest adds an aura of mystery to the boy as time passes, and nobody knows much about him except that he's a Kaism hierophant.

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