Earth Flux Warrior

“Surging Rage Guarantees Crit Rate, Awakened
Giant Bear Can Be Gamechanger”

ClawsNormal Attack

Izumi punches the enemy, dealing Physical Damage by P.ATK*67% to single enemy target.

Passive Effect

[Claws] recovers 8 Rage additionally when Izumi's HP is below 50%.


Izumi leaps up and punches the enemy, dealing to single enemy target Physical Damage by P.ATK*175%, applying [Vulnerability] for 3 rounds.

Passive Effect

[Earthbreaker] recovers HP of P.ATK*35%.
Increases the effect of [Earthbreaker]'s [Severe Wound] to 27%

Bear FistUltimate

Izumi pounds on the ground, dealing to all enemies Physical Damage by P.ATK*104% (Note: damage is affected by self lost HP), granting self[Death Immunity] Effect for 2 rounds.

Passive Effect

Increases [Bear Fist]'s damage by 16%.
Increases the minimum HP of [Bear Fist]'s [Death Immunity] to 25%.
Extends [Bear Fist]'s [Death Immunity] to 3 rounds.

Scars and WoundsMastery

Every 10 Rage owned increases Izumi's Crit Rate(related to Mastery skill's level).

Passive Effect


When Azria still loomed over the mid-Elysian River, parents of Gyee children would abandon them on the doorsteps of Ka Orphanage. Izumi was one such child. Without mother and father, however, the orphans still grew up healthy and strong among their own kind.

Big Izumi has always been slower than normal, which made him come off as gullible and a regular target for pranks. One day, he was being mocked mercilessly when Eddie came along and rescued him. The two became best friends and joined the Young Azrians together.

After the Battle of Azria, the Gyee's internal schism befuddled and scared Izumi, especially the rift between old friends Eddie and Miles. He didn't join anyone but stayed with the Never Isle Corp. He still doesn't want to pick a side or see his friends break up. He misses the time the trio had in the Young Azrians, and how prosperous and tolerant Azria was. Whether it's Eddie or Miles, they're still his friends and as such, he will always protect them, as he does the last bastion of Gyee.

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