Arcana Flux Warrior

A mysterious Furry with an unknown background, and wields the power of light.

Blade StrikeNormal Attack

Osiris swings his sword. If he doesn't have Blade Strike - Assault, then he deals physical damage equal to 87% of P.ATK to 1 enemy and gains Blade Strike - Assault. If he has Blade Strike - Assault, then he deals physical damage equal to 109% of P.ATK to 1 enemy, stuns them for 1 round, and removes his Blade Strike - Assault.

Stun: while the effect is active, the character goes out of control. Lasts 1 round, can be purified.

Passive Effect

Fierce Power: Gains 20 rage when removingBlade Strike - Assault.

Bestial AssaultAdvanced

Osiris swings his giant sword, attacking 1 enemy target, dealing physical damage equal to 245% of his P.ATK, and placing Nowhere to Hide on the target. Also gains Blessing of Swords at the end of the round. If he has Blessing of Swords before he takes action next time, and at least 1 stack of Light's Edge, then each stack of Light's Edge deals additional physical damage equal to 125% of P.ATK to targets with Nowhere to Hide, which is removed from the targets afterward.

Nowhere to Hide: Takes physical damage before Osiris takes his next action, and transfers to another unit when the target dies. Only 1 may be active at any time. Lasts until battle ends, cannot be purified.

Blessing of Swords: A charging status. Reduces damage taken by 18%. While the effect is active, gains 1 stack of Light's Edge when taking damage. Lasts until taking action next round, cannot be dispelled.

Light's Edge: Deals physical damage to targets with Nowhere to Hide before taking action next round. Lasts 1 round, cannot be dispelled, stacking up to 4 times.

Passive Effect

Blessing of Light: When gaining Blessing of Swords, Osiris also gains 1 stack of Light's Edge.

Wrath of the Beast: If no damage is taken while Blessing of Swords is active, then when Blessing of Swords is removed, restores 25 rage.

Sword of BrillianceUltimate

Osiris gathers holy light, attacking 1 enemy, dealing physical damage equal to 347% of P.ATK, and gains Explosive Light. If he already has Explosive Light before using the skill, then the duration of Explosive Light is refreshed, and he gains 1 stack of Sword of Light (only available after unlocking mastery skills). This skill consumes all of his rage, and increases damage based on rage consumed.

Explosive Light: Increases damage dealt by Sword of Light by 50%. Lasts 3 rounds, cannot be dispelled.

Passive Effect

Brilliant Light: The damage increase from Explosive Light to Sword of Light is increased from 50% to 75%.

Endless Shine: If Explosive Light consumes at least 75 rage, then the attack is guaranteed to crit, and gains re-act after casting.

Shining Edge: After casting Explosive Light, Osiris gains Afterglow for 2 rounds.

Afterglow: Grants a shield that blocks physical damage equal to 200% of Osiris's P.ATK. While the shield is active, reduces magical damage taken by 50% for 2 rounds. Can be dispelled.

Bestial LightMastery

Osiris is immune to paralysis and delay. After using Bestial Assault or Sword of Brilliance, he gains 1 stack of Sword of Light. He yearns for battle, and gains Bestial Blood when the battle starts.

Sword of Light: The next Blade Strike consumes additional physical damag from all stacks of Sword of Light. Each stack of Sword of Light. Each stack of Sword of Light deals damage equal to Mastery Bonus. Lasts until battle ends, cannot be dispelled, stacking up to 3 times.

Bestial Blood: Before taking action each round, if Osiris is controlled, then he loses 5% of his current HP and removes all the control effects on him. This action has an internal cooldown of 3 rounds, lasts until battle ends, cannot be dispelled.

Passive Effect


A heart that shatters darkness, a sword that gathers light.

It was a miracle!

We were attacked by Shadowbeasts that night, and they outnumbered us significantly. Our formation was broken quickly, and we scattered. Our companions were found and killed, their screams reverberated throughout the night. The Shadows quickly found out, but a large figure appeared before me just when I thought my time was up.

His skin was as dark as the night, and I wouldn't have seen him if he weren't so close. He was bigger than a Furry Shieldguard with heavy armor, too. At first, I thought it was a Shadowbeast coming to kill me, but he bent down and checked my wounds, and that's when I realized it was a Furry Gyee.

I thought I was saved, but the Shadows converging on us quickly dashed my hope. They surrounded us, and I was going to cover him to help him escape, but he shielded me and raised his weapon.

'Don't stray too far from me, my light will eradicate all evil!'

The flux nearby converged on him, and turned his weapon into a giant sword. He swung the sword and the light exploded. I have never seen such... pure light, as if it's trying to undo all of the darkness. Hundreds of Shadowbeasts died in the light.

When I came to, my wounds were healed, and he disappeared into the night.

Shadowhunters operation log, 484F4C.

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