Water Flux Support

“All-Heal, Sheltering Allies upon Death”

Feather SpikeNormal Attack

Osmond throws out the Spirit Feather to 1 enemy, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK*55%.

Passive Effect

Has a chance to dispel 1 Buff Effect of the target.

Protective FeatherAdvanced

Osmond uses the divine energy to recover HP equal to M.ATK*65% for 1 ally and purify the effects [Sleep], [Stun], [Cover] and [Fear] on the ally.

Passive Effect

Increases Feather Protection's healing effect by 11%.
Feather Protection cleanses 2 extra non-control negative effects.

Aura of BlessUltimate

Osmond prays to Ka and summons the power of Holy Light, recovering all friendly units' HP by M.ATK*48%

Passive Effect

Increases Light Blessing's healing effect by 11%.
Increases Light Blessing's healing effect by 12% on targets with HP lower than 25%.
Light Blessing applies God Effect on the main target.
[God]: Grants immunity to all controlling and negative effects.

Holy FeatherMastery

Osmond gains [Holy Feather].
[Holy Feather]: Each ally who does not reach his Max HP increases Osmond's healing effect (affected by Mastery). Osmond will become an [Angel] after receives a fatal damage.
[Angel]: Being an[Angel], Osmond cannot cast [Feather Spike] and the casting of [Feather Protection] and [Light Blessing] consume no Mana. Osmond won't be targeted by any skills or effects. Lasts 3 rounds. Osmond dies when the effect of [Angel] ends.

Passive Effect


Osmond was born to a common merchant in the town of Foothills. The family of four got along well, and the precious Osmond carefully concealed his Gyee identity, until his big brother joined the White Capes and turned violent, with extreme prejudice toward Gyee. One day, the brother suffered a severe wound, so a distraught Osmond subconsciously channeled the flux to heal him. When he saw Osmond's eyes glowing gold--a sure sign of Gyee, he raised the sword to attack but tore the wound wide open and bled instantly to death.

From that day on, Osmond became reserved, began learing to heal and joined the White Turbans in Ka as a healer. He can control the flux to heal and has dedicated himself to the church, working day and night to heal or bury.

"I won't let you leave this time," he thinks, following silently behind the silhouette.

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