Fire Flux Mage

“Draconians in Human Shape, Messenger of
Divine Judgment”

DragonfireNormal Attack

Priapus gives out dragon breath, dealing magical damage equal to MATK*70% to 1 enemy and inflicting [Meltdown].
[Meltdown]: Priapus's damage toward targets affected by [Meltdown] ignores 10% MDEF, lasting 2 rounds.

Passive Effect

Recovers 5 Mana after attacking targets affected by [Meltdown] with [Dragon Breath].
[Meltdown]: Priapus ignores 10% MDEF of the targets affected by [Meltdown], lasting 2 turns.

Prismatic AssaultAdvanced

Priapus fires out 5 deadly flux shocks turn by turn toward 1 random enemy. Each of the 5 flux deals magical damage equal to MATK*83%.

Passive Effect

Every enemy killed increases [Prismatic Assault]'s damage by 15%.
The enemy hit by Prismatic Assault 3 times will be [Silenced].
[Silence]: Targets affected can only use normal attack, lasting 2 turns.

Divine JudgmentUltimate

Priapus brings down the divine punishment to all enemies, dealing magical damage equal to MATK*103% and gaining [Holy Messenger].
If Priapus already has [Holy Messenger], the Mana cost of the skill reduces by 10, and Priapus changed his HP and Energy into the record value of [Holy Messenger].
Then the skill will cool down in 2 turns.
[Holy Messenger]: Records Priapus's HP and Energy when he casts the skill, lasting 4 turns.

Passive Effect

Extends [Holy Messenger] to 5 turns.
When granted with [Holy Messenger], the [Divine Punishment] removes 1 random debuff.
When granted with [Holy Messenger], the Mana cost of [Divine Punishment] reduces by 15%.

Draconians BloodlineMastery

With [Holy Messenger], Priapus would make M.DMG to random 1 enemy before he makes an action.(DMG related to Mastery skill's level). any enemy unit with [Meltdown] debuff will be the prior traget.

Passive Effect


The Draconians inhabit the Cloudend Isles in the far east, where the avatar of Ka is rumored to be and therefore no Shadow could reach. Following the Second Shadow War, Draconians had never showed themselves on Wonderland again. For thousand years, many people sought Cloudend Isles by boat, but almost all met their end in sea storm.

But that doesn't mean the Draconians knew nothing about the humans. Very few dragons could take human forms, and Priapus is one of them. The elders chose him as the God's messenger and sent him to observe in Wonderland to make sure the Shadow's influence would not grow.

While weaker in human form, Priapus nevertheless is still powerful. His ability to control the Flux is beyond any mage's imagination. To limit his power, other Draconians inscribed extra prismatic runes around him.

Priapus is very proud as a dragon. He'll hold back and play joke with you when in a good mood, but also he can turn you into ashes with fire from his eyes when he's feeling angry.

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