Metal Flux Tank

"Imposing like a mountain or iron; sweeping like
a hammer."

Earth-ShakingNormal Attack

Peter wields the iron hammer against 1 enemy, dealing physical damage equal to PATK*137%.

Passive Effect

[Earth-Shaking]'s damage increases by 20%.

Sweeping HammerAdvanced

Peter becomes furious, wielding his great hammer against enemies, dealing Physical damage to all enemy units equal to PATK*187%. The hit target will have a 54% chance to be applied [Taunt], while receiving [Muscle Enhance].
[Taunt]: During the effect, the character goes out of control and launches normal attack against the caster automatically when they acts. Lasts 2 rounds.
[Muscle Enhance]: During the effect, reduces any damage taken by 23%. Lasts 2 rounds.

Passive Effect

[Sweeping Hammer]'s damage is increased by 25%.
[Muscle Enhance]'s Damage Reduction is increased by 15%.

Destructive StrikeUltimate

Peter deals a blow with all strength, dealing damage to the target equal to PATK*306% while clearing all stats stored in [Muscle Memory], and inflicting bonus damage.
[Muscle Memory]: For details, refer to Mastery Skill [Muscle Memory].

Passive Effect

[Destructive Strike]'s damage increases by 35%.
Increases [Destructive Strike]'s damage by 20% when current Rage is not less than 85.
If the target is killed by [Destructive Strike], recovers HP equal to MDEF*150%.

Muscle MemoryMastery

Upon receiving any damage, Peter will store the damage at the proportion(related with Mastery skill's level). The effect cannot be dispelled. Lasts till the battle is over.

Passive Effect


Peter was a former guard for Mike's father's merchant caravan. On an encounter with bandits, he was incidentally exposed as Gyee while trying to protect his employer. Mike's father gave him money and was forced to lay him off.

He returned to Harveston and opened a gym to teach streetfighting. Because he taught more than he talked, the business boomed. But after the arson on Mike's 20th birthday, Peter decided to become Mike's executive bodyguard.

It doesn't matter where he is going, he is happy as long as he is with and protecting Mike.

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