Wood Flux Warrior

Steel Fighter, King of Gladiators

Straight PunchNormal Attack

Bidziil throws punches with great force, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *87% to 1 enemy.

Passive Effect

Spiked Gloves: Increases Straight Punch's damage by 18%.

Slam StrikeAdvanced

Bidziil slams enemies with his fists, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *159% to 1 enemy.

Passive Effect

Meteor: Increases Slam Strike's damage by 16%.
Earthquake: If the target unit is not hit by Slam Strike in this battle, inflicts [Stun] effect to target.

BlackFlame DragonshatterUltimate

Bidziil strikes a combination blow, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *255% to 1 enemy. If the target is a Boss unit, deals an additional P.DMG equal to P.ATK *255% to the target; If the target is not a Boss unit, knocks them away, leaps into the air and then pursues enemy (both are [Out of Battlefield]). Before taking action in the next round, Bidziil grabs the enemy and slams them onto ground, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *198%. The landing damage will not be blocked. This skill consumes all the Rage and increases the damage dealt.
Please note: if the target cannot be granted [Out of Battlefield] effect (for example, under [God] effect or charging/chanting/channelling that cannot be interrupted), then considers the target as a Boss unit.

Passive Effect

Decisive Cry: Increases BlackFlame Dragonshatter's damage by 14%.
Undefeated King: If BlackFlame Dragonshatter is blocked, resets Slam Strike's Cooldown time.
Arena Overlord: If target's HP is higher than self HP, BlackFlame Dragonshatter guarantees Crit Rate.

BlackFlame ChampionMastery

Dauntless and invincible, Bidziil is immune to all [Fear] effects.
Any damage dealt by Bidziil increases. Cannot be dispelled.
When the battle starts, the character gains [Body of Steel].
[Body of Steel]: While the effect is active, reduces the character's single damage taken by 75%, and becomes immune to [Paralysis] and [Oppressed]. This effect cannot be dispelled. After the character takes next action, this effect is transformed into [Nightmare of Sorcery].
[Nightmare of Sorcery]: While the effect is active, increases the character's M.DMG taken by 10%. Cannot be purified. Cannot be removed when defeated. Upon taking any attack, this effect is transformed into [Body of Steel].

Passive Effect


The BlackFlame Arena is that heart. It is the noisiest, most prosperous, bloodiest and darkest presence in the city.

It is built by those with warped desires: fugitives, slave owners, mechanical inventors, evil mages that modify humans, and Shadowcultists that control Shadowbeasts. There are no rules here, only rage and elation.

Bidziil is at the top of all this. With the most perfect body obtained from forbidden modifications and the most sturdy metal gloves, each punch he throws excites the crowd.

There are piles of golden belts won from battles in his room. But he has grown numb to the fights, the victories and the glory.

He likes to sit in the corner of the BlackFlame Restaurant and listen to others talk about the world outside. He heard that it's beautiful, with flowers and sunshine. But what are those things? He tries to imagine what they might look like, trying very hard to recall his childhood memories, which he has lost a long time ago.

He has been out of and back from the BlackFlame City for numerous times. Endless fights will be filled with his future...

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