Metal Flux Warrior

Fight like the wind. Kill like the lightning.

Wing BladeNormal Attack

Morgan wields a giant blade, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *106% to 1 enemy.
After Mastery skill Valiant Shadowhunter is unlocked, applies an extra [Hunting Mark] on the target.
[Hunting Mark]: While the effect is active, reduces the character's healing received by 20%. Units killed under this effect cannot be revived. The effect can only apply on a single enemy at a time, lasting until the battle ends. Can be purified.

Passive Effect

Increases Wing Blade's damage by 22%.

Desert SunAdvanced

Morgan gulps down his liquor, gains [Gulp of Liquor] and 2 stacks of [Vanguard Raider].
[Gulp of Liquor]: While the effect is active, increases damage dealt by 28%, lasting 3 rounds. This effect can be dispelled.
[Vanguard Raider]: While the effect is active, each stack reduces M.DMG taken by 15%. When receiving Single P.ATK removes 1 stack, up to 5 stacks, lasting until the battle ends. Can be dispelled.

Passive Effect

Increases [Gulp of Liquor]'s damage boost by 15%. (Once skill reaches max level and Passive is unlocked, Damage boost is increased from 36% to 41%.)
Casting Desert Sun grants 1 extra stack of [Vanguard Raider]. (After passive is unlocked, grants 3 stacks of [Vanguard Raider])

Skysplitting BladeUltimate

Morgan launches a sudden attack with dazzling moves, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *400% to 1 enemy. This skill consumes all the Rage and increases the damage dealt.

Passive Effect

Increases Skysplitting Blade's damage by 15%.
Skysplitting Blade cannot be blocked.
When casting Skysplitting Blade, if self HP is lower than 50% grants [Unyielding Spirit] on self.
[Unyielding Spirit]: Can only block P.DMG with the shield HP equal to lost HP *50%. Lasts 2 rounds. Can be dispelled.

Valiant ShadowhunterMastery

Any damage dealt by Morgan increases {0} ( Fixed Bonus {1} + Mastery Bonus {2}). Gains immunity to [Deform] effect when battle begins. This effect cannot be dispelled.
Upon receiving single attack, applies 1 stack of [Revenge Mark] to attack dealer.
After the character takes action, if the character possesses [Vanguard Raider] and there is any defeated ally unit, summons 1 [Vanguard] to the battle and gains [Bloodshed].
[Revenge Mark]: While the effect is active, increases the character's damage taken from Morgan or Vanguard by 10%, up to 2 stacks, lasting until the battle ends. This effect can be purified.
[Vanguard Raider]: See skill Desert Sun for more details.
[Vanguard]: Morgan's werewolf subordinate who inherits attributes of the defeated, dealing true damage. Gains immunity to [God], [Invincibility], [Deform] and [Freeze], reduces Hatred dealt and healing received by 100%, reduces AOE damage by 35%, and increases single damage taken by 100%.
[Bloodshed]: When Morgan possesses this effect, casting Wing Blade can restore self HP equal to Max HP *10%, and casting Skysplitting Blade can restore self HP equal to Max HP *20%, lasting 3rounds. This effect can be dispelled.

Passive Effect


There is a werewolf tribe at the foot of the mountain where the Mona Altar is located. Tradition dictates that all of the gyee werewolves join the Shadowhunters when they turn 16, with Morgan being the only exception. He disappeared without a trace the night before the induction.

All the male adults of the tribe went to look for him, but he was nowhere to be found...

9 years later, as a down-and-out mercenary, Morgan, 25 years old, showed up in the Red Desert. The werewolf guards found him lying in the desert, half-covered in sand and full of scars. They took him back to the camp and nursed him back to health, only to find that he had no memories before his 20th birthday. No one knew what happened to him between 16 and 20, and that he was a wandering mercenary during the last 5 years.

After he recovered, he joined the Shadowhunters. With his quick thinking and combat prowess, he was elected the captain of the guards at the Mona Altar when he turned 30.

For 7 years he guarded the Altar as the captain. He did not play by the rules, but he trained his men well, and earned enough honors that the Shadowhunter HQ had no complaints.

When the Naga incident happened, Morgan prepared but was still overwhelmed by the Shadows. They nearly lost the Altar, and Morgan was completely corrupted. Afterwards, he was purified by Yancy, who found a strange Flux inside Morgan...

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