Fire Flux Support

“Granting Marked Allies Shields, Recovering
HP for Attack Launched”

SingeNormal Attack

Chang wields the holy fire staff toward 1 enemy and deals magical damage equal to MATK*73%.

Passive Effect

When [Singe] deals a critical attack, removes 1 buff of the enemy.

Flame ShieldAdvanced

Chang puts the holy fire on the target, inflicts [Flame Shield] for 1 ally, and removes the effects [Paralysis], [Mania], [Recklessness] and [Tremble] on the target.
[Flame Shield]: Grants a shield of Chang's MATK*106% for 2 turns. The effect will be removed when the shield is 0.

Passive Effect

[Flame Shield]'s shield value increases by 14%.
Targets marked with [Flame Shield] reflects 15% melee single-targeted damage.
[Flame Shield]: Covers damage equal to Chang's MATK*85% for 2 turns.

Divine FlameUltimate

Chang summons holy flames to deal magical damage equal to MATK*100% to all enemies.

Passive Effect

Increases [Divine Flame]'s damage by 10%.
Increases [Divine Flame]'s damage by 12% when the enemy's HP is above 60%.
Turns [Divine Flame] into [Shared Damage]. The existing enemy units will share the incoming damage.

Cannye MystiqueMastery

Chang inflicts an additional [Cannye Mystique] on the target when casts [Flame Guard].
[Cannye Mystique]: Damages dealt by Chang recover HP equal to damage dealt*X% for targeted marked by [Cannye Mystique] until the battle ends(X is related with Mastery skill's level). Only one [Cannye Mystique] exists at a time. By inflicting [Cannye Mystique] on a new target, the former [Cannye Mystique] will be removed.

Passive Effect


Chang didn't stay on Never Isle after graduating from its Arcane Academy but chose to become a protector of Cannyes.

The small, agile Cannye are seen by prejudiced humans as "dog demons" when they're actually just unusual creatures. Cannyes have a nose for treasure and are able to track any that's near by scent, therefore some Cannyes resorted to pilfering for a living. Some humans have a deep-seated hatred for Cannyes and often lynch their forest dwellings and hang them from trees.

Albeit a Gyee, Chang's humanoid appearance is practically that of a super-sized Cannye. He empathized with the race so he started funding a shelter for homeless Cannyes and looked after them like a mother.

In a situation similar to the Order of Equality and Oathblades, a Gyee named Yang has gathered Cannyes dead set on revenge against the humans. While Yang doesn't believe in an eye for an eye, Yang has solved a lot of problems for him, so they maintain an on/off relationship.

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