Fire Flux Tank

“Casting Weapons for Allies, Forging Armor
for Self”

Strike IronNormal Attack

Sig uses the hammer to strike 1 enemy, dealing physical damage equal to PATK*130%.

Passive Effect

Increases [Strike Iron]'s damage by 30% when Sig's Rage is above 45.


Sig deals physical damage equal to PATK*117% to 2 enemies with a chance to [Taunt] them.
[Taunt]: Loses control over the character, and deals normal attack to the spell caster for 1 turn.

Passive Effect

Increases [Challenge]'s damage by 35%.
Extends [Taunt] to 2 turns.


Sig crafts weapons for his allies and enhances his shield, inflicting [Blade] on 1 ally and gaining [Armor]. The skill consumes all the Rage. When 85 Rage is released, increases the effect of [Blade] by 13%.
[Blade]: Increases damage by 10% for 3 turns.
[Armor]: absorb P.DFD*37% and M.DFD*37% for 2 turns.

Passive Effect

Increases [Blade]'s damage boost to 15%.
Casting with 85 Rage, [Blade]'s damage boost to18%.
Has a 33% chance to extends [Armor] to 3 turns.
Sig protects the allies affected by [Blade] for 2 turns.

Blacksmith's angerMastery

When receiving a melee single-targeted attack, Sig will [Fight Back] to deal physical damage to the attacker (the damage increases as Mastery increases).

Passive Effect


The humble, gullible Sig is a fabulous artisan. He ran a famous, busy blacksmith shop that he owned with his father until the man passed away. When forging metals, he would channel the flux into whatever he was working on and thus enhanced it. Because of that, many people saw his "Yellow Eyes".

When the White Capes heard about it, they came to take Sig away. Eddie helped him escape, the White Capes burned the business he and his father worked so hard to build.

But soon Sig opened a new shop on Never Isle. He treats Eddie and pals like family and makes powerful weapons for them.

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