Arcana Flux Ranger

Call the wind and ride the shadow, tread the water and stream the light.

Hidden: LeafallNormal Attack

Rudolf throws the kunai in his hand at 1 enemy, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *77%. When this skill lands a crit rate, Rudolf will get 1 extra Concentration.

Passive Effect

Invisible Kunai: Hidden: Leafall's DMG Dealt is increased by 30%.

Hidden: Call WindAdvanced

Rudolf uses Flux to manipulate the air flow, obtaining the [Wind Blade] effect. Casting this skill at full HP can obtain 1 extra Concentration.
[Wind Blade]: While the effect is active, the carrier's DMG Dealt is increased by 24%, lasts 2 rounds, can be dispelled.

Passive Effect

Arcana: Gale: Increases [Wind Blade]'s damage boost by 20%. (At max skill level and after the Passive is unlocked, the DMG Increase will be increased from 32% to 38%)
Arcana: Wind Shield: When [Wind Blade] is active, self's DMG Taken is reduced by 50%, and can return 42% of single target damage to the attacker.

Secret: Speedy ShadowUltimate

Rudolf throws Frostfall Shuriken at 1 enemy, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *308%. This skill will consume all current Concentration to increase DMG Dealt. May the soul rest in peace in the wind……

Passive Effect

Stealth: Glow: Increases Secret: Speedy Shadow's damage by 15%.
Stealth: Flash: If Secret: Speedy Shadow's target is alive, Rudolf obtains [Tolerance] (requires to unlock the Mastery skill first, [Tolerance]'s details please see Mastery Skill).
Stealth: Heartless: If Secret: Speedy Shadow consumes 4 or more Concentration, this skill is guaranteed to be critical.

Path of StealthMastery

Rudolf's relentless pursuit of the Invisible Path allows him to ignore the enemy's [Invisible] states, and can reduce the duration of all debuffs on him by 1 round (including all controls, DoT, and curse effects) before his action. Before he acts, if a debuff on him has only 1 round left, it will be removed no matter if it can be purified.
Rudolf's DMG Dealt is increased, cannot be dispelled.
After a battle starts, Rudolf obtains [Tolerance].
[Tolerance]: An invisible effect, While the effect is active, the character cannot be targeted, and its DMG Taken is reduced by 75%. After obtaining [Tolerance], heals self for Max HP *35%. Lasts 1 rounds, can be dispelled.

Passive Effect


In a tavern in a small town, a man in black took out a ring and put it on the bar counter, under the light the Azria insignia on the ring was particularly conspicuous.

'Is there anyone in the town wearing this kind of ring?'

The bartender widened his eyes and exclaimed. 'What treasure is this? I've never seen such thing in our poor town!'

The man in black looked disappointed: 'Sorry to disturb...'

Hardly had his voice faded away, a gust of wind blew the door of the bar open, and three or two guests walked in. But the man in black had gone...

From the top of the Loong Mountains to the Storm Coast; from the gusty north desert to the beach of Eversun; from the Ruins of Azria to Yggdrasil, people ever saw this man in black. Some people say he is an ordinary traveler, some say he is a righteous warrior, and others say he is a vicious demon. If you ask about him, people can only shake their heads, no one has seen his face, nor knows his origin.

Maybe this person does not exist at all...

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