Fire Flux Warrior

“Dodge, Crowd Damage, Multiple Actions”

Crimson BladeNormal Attack

Catherine slashes 1 enemy and deals physical damage equal to PATK*108%.

Passive Effect

Increases [Crimson Blade]'s damage by 40%.

Bloody ComboAdvanced

Catherine gathers flux and gains [Unstable Form] upon flux release. Charges for 1 turns, slashes all enemies to deal physical damage equal to PATK*100%.
[Unstable Form]: The character has a 40% chance to dodge single-targeted skill attack. Lasting 2 turns.

Passive Effect

Extends [Unstable Form] to 3 turns.
[Joy Blast] increases the Crit chance of [Bloody Combo] by 10%.


Catherine sets herself and the blade on fire, gains [Madness] and deals P.DMG equal to P.ATK*182% to 1 enemy. This skill consumes all the Rage and increases the damage dealt.
[Madness]: Increases P.DEF&M.DEF by 10% and damage dealt by 35% for 2 turns.

Passive Effect

Increases [Flamebath] damage by 20%.
[Flamebath] has a 30% chance to deal damage 1 more time.
Targets affected by [Flamebath] has 75% chance to be [Stunned].
[Stun]: Loses control over the character for 2 turns.

Addiction to KillingMastery

Each damage Catherine dealt grants 1 [Joy].
[Joy]: When [Joy] stacks up to 3, Catherine gains [Joy Blast].
[Joy Blast]: The next damage grants an additional physical damage(related with Mastery skill's level) and an additional move, removing all [Joy] stacks.

Passive Effect


Katherine's life plummets into the abyss when she was 6, all because she told her best friend at the time that she is Gyee.

Her parents immediately fled with her and her big sister, but the latter was wounded and became unconscious at a critical juncture. The parents chose to abandon Katherine.

Her sister was rescued by compatriots who left her to rot in a cell. She witnessed many kins burned at the stake and counted down the days until that would happen to her.

But that day never came.

Karmen, the head of a mysterious organization, needed to collect virgin Gyee blood under various emotions for research into forbidden magic. She covertly acquired Katherine and kept her in a dungeon. Under Karmen's watch, the White Capes, instruments of torture, and flame kept replaying in Katherine's mind, forcing her to relive the tragic events. 3 years later, Karmen collect all the blood she needed, except for joy and ecstasy.

Light came into Katherine's life for the first time when she was 10, in the form of a perverted addiction.

Karmen gave her a dagger before sending animals into her cell. First it was rabbits, then goats and cattles. Katherine slaughtered them and relished in splattering blood like never before.

The final gift from Karmen was a human, a man in white cape who came to draw Katherine's blood but without a syringe. When her arm was cut to rekindle her horrific memories, she grabbed the dagger and eviscerated him to an unprecendented delight.

Karmen finally got the last type of blood she needed from Katherine: ecstasy.

Thereafter, Katherine became a killer for Karmen and embarked on a pursuit for her light.

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