Metal Flux Mage

Shadowcult Leader.

A matured lady who willingly fell into the Shadow.

Bat ShadowNormal Attack

Rita controls the bat flock to attack 1 enemy target, dealing Magical Damage by M.ATK *79%

Passive Effect

Increases damage of [Bat Shadow] by 30%.


Rita swings her whip to attack 1 enemy target, dealing Magical Damage equal to M.ATK *207%, with a very high chance to apply [Blinding] on the target.
[Blinding]: While the effect is active, the character cannot use any ranged attack skills, lasting 2 rounds.

Passive Effect

Increases damage of [Aggressive] by 20%.

After using [Aggressive], if the target's HP percentage is higher than the character's, has a very high chance to apply extra [Jealous] effect.
[Jealous]: While the effect is active, each time damage is received, restores Rita's HP by M.ATK *30%, lasting 2 rounds.


Rita uses her deadly charm to apply [Deadly Attraction] on all enemies, channeling for 2 rounds. Each round deals to all enemies Magical Damage by M.ATK *79%. At the end of channeling, applies [Broken Heart] (this effect ignores Resistance) on enemy targets with [Deadly Attraction], removing [Deadly Attraction] effect.
[Deadly Attraction]: While the effect is active, the character can be freed from the effect after damaging enemy Rita. The effect lasts 1 round.
[Broken Heart]: While the effect is active, the character goes out of control, lasting 1 round.

Passive Effect

Increases damage of [Calculation] by 15%.

[Calculation] applies extra [Demoralization] effect on the target.

[Demoralization]: While the effect is active, the applied character's speed is reduced by 15%, lasting 2 rounds.

During the channeling of [Calculation], reduces Magical Damage received by self by 50%.

The QueenMastery

Increases Rita's skill damage by {0} (Fixed Bonus {1} + Mastery Bonus {2}).
When Rita enters the channeling state of [Calculation], she applies [Suitor - Shield].
[Suitor - Shield]: Only Ranged Magical Damage can damage this shield. It can absorb damage by up to Rita's M.ATK *70%, lasting 2 rounds. In the Shield's duration, the character is immune to Control effect. When the [Suitor - Shield] is gone on any one friendly character, the [Suitor - Shield] on other teammates will be gone simultaneously.

Passive Effect


Rita recognizes her identity as a Gyee and is proud of that, convinced that Gyees are a superior breed by birth. Already losing her faith on human, she believes the absolute justice and fairness can only be achieved in a world of chaos clouded by the power of Shadow.

Rita has been a great beauty since birth, and she is fully aware of her own beauty, becoming a master to achieve purposes through her beauty. Once she indulged herself in a painful relationship, one that she strangled with her own hands later. After her awakening, Rita has come to understand that the only one deserves to be loved is herself, and her greatest trouble is... that her talents in manipulation is overshadowed by her beauty.

A self-serving person, Rita knows well how to please herself: through the physical and spiritual abuse on others. Only the despair on men's faces can heal her of the past wound.

Rita is extremely confident on her power of manipulation. Her words can easily sway the innocent Gyees to the flock of Shadow, and no man can escape his doom once he is ensnared by this deadly woman...

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