Wood Flux Mage

Elysiann Aristocrat.
Dreams of becoming the next Chief Executive.

Spirit SpellNormal Attack

Felix casts a beam of Arcana energy to enemy, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK *70%. When the character has [Arcana Abstersion], deals extra M.DMG equal to M.ATK *33%.

Passive Effect

Increases Spirit Spell's DMG by 20%.

Spirit NovaAdvanced

Felix draws an array to shoot multiple beams of Arcana energy to enemy, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK *174%, with a very high chance to inflict [Sunflower] on the target. Gains 4 stacks of [Arcana Abstersion].
[Sunflower]: Deform effect. While the effect is active, becomes a Piranha Plant to fight. Lasts 2 rounds and can be purified.
[Arcana Abstersion]: while the effect is active, each stack reduces P.DMG taken by 10%, stacking up to 5 times. When the character takes DMG from Sunflower's normal attack, removes stack. Lasts until the end of the battle and can be dispelled.

Passive Effect

Arcana Blast: Increases Spirit Nova's DMG by 15%.
Arcana Baptism: If the character fails to inflict [Sunflower] on the target, gains stack of [Arcana Abstersion].
[Arcana Abstersion]: please refer to the description of Spirit Nova.

Rain of FlowersUltimate

This is a dance of love and beauty, and a perfect ending after the climax. Felix releases a rain of flowers to attack all enemies, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK *160%. Consumes all the stacks of [Arcana Abstersion], each stack of [Arcana Abstersion] dealing extra M.DMG equal to M.ATK *35% to the main target.

Passive Effect

Dazzling Magnificence: Increases Rain of Flowers's DMG by 10%.
Song of Romance: Before Rain of Flowers is cast, if the character's HP is less than 75%, reduces the cooldown time of Spirit Nova by round.
Dance of Love & Beauty: Turns the damage of Rain of Flowers into [Shared Damage]. The total damage is shared by every living enemy.

Blue BloodMastery

Born into the upper-class, Felix has always been the most popular one wherever he goes. At the beginning of the battle, gains [Embrace of Flowers].
Increases DMG by {0} (Fixed Bonus {1} + Mastery Bonus {2}). Cannot be dispelled.
[Embrace of Flowers]: while the effect is active, becomes immune to direct DMG and [Silence]. When the character is attacked, inflicts [Spirit Invasion] on the attacker. Before this effect is removed, inflicts [Embrace of Stars] on self. Lasts round and cannot be dispelled.
[Spirit Invasion]: while the effect is active, all the skills of the character is sealed. Lasts round and cannot be dispelled.
[Embrace of Stars]: while the effect is active , becomes immune to DMG dealt by buffs and [Silence]. Lasts 2 rounds and cannot be dispelled.

Passive Effect


As the only child of Elysiann's Chief Consul, Felix was born into the upper-class, where he received education on history, Arcana, horsemanship and machinery. He did well at school and had a fine taste for music, art and literature.

Outstanding since childhood, Felix has had great ambitions, which are to inherit his father's position through a fair and open election, become the best Chief Consul ever and make Elysiann the 'Light of Luxium', the most prosperous city in the world.

Therefore, he has been trying to make friends with celebrities and promote himself by giving speeches and socializing in parties and balls. Some people laugh at him secretly, however, for his extreme confidence in his own appearance and the fact that he often shows off about himself. The young man doesn't seem to know anything about it.

He has also founded the Noncommissioned Officer Academy of Elysiann to expand his network and train more talents for the city. He even teaches at the Department of Infantry Command himself to train his speech and military ability. But thanks to his dramatic appearance and behaviors, his students call him Mr. Makeup or Mr. Aerobics, about which, likewise, he doesn't seem to know anything.

Now the election of Elysiann, which takes place every 8 years, has arrived, and Felix has been very busy taking the first step to his dream. After every productive day, he always goes back to his luxurious villa on the beach, where there is a silk hammock hung from two towering trees; a limited hydrating mask on his face, he lies in the hammock while looking at the stars and the sea. A wonderful future of Elysiann is on his mind, which you can tell from the charming, confident smile on his face.

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