Fire Flux Ranger

The Traveling Metallurgist.

Singularity ShotNormal Attack

Jack activates Willy Helmsman and launches lasers, dealing Physical ATK *82% damage to 1 enemy.

Passive Effect

Direct Hit: Increases Singularity Shot 's damage by 30.

Heat-Seeking MissileAdvanced

Jack activates Willy Helmsman and launches guided missiles, dealing Physical ATK *120% damage to all enemies. Also adds Illumination to the target.

Illumination: Target is exposed and unable to enter invisible status for 2 rounds. This effect can be purified.

Passive Effect

Skewer: Increases Heat-Seeking Missile's damage by 20%.

Aftershock: When own HP is ≥80%, skill has a slightly greater chance of adding Chaos effect for 1 round. Can be dispelled.

Electro Magnetic PulseUltimate

Jack unleashes Willy Helmsman's final form, causing him to break apart and attack the enemy at once, dealing Physical DMG *432% damage to 1 enemy. This effect will consume all Concentration and increase damage.

Passive Effect

High Pressure: Increases Electro Magnetic Pulse's damage by 25%.

Double Damage: When an attack kills a target, will automatically launch an attack on the target with the highest HP, grant self Energy Absorption effect, and clear Heat-Seeking Missile's cooldown as well as restore 40 Concentration.

Energy Absorption: Grants 10% lifesteal effect for 2 rounds. Can be dispelled.

Radio Silence: Upon using 5 Concentration, self gets Stealth effect for 1 round. Can be dispelled.

Stealth: While under Stealth, character cannot be targeted by enemy skills and all damage taken is reduced by 75% for 1 round. Can be dispelled.

Model - Willy HelmsmanMastery

Willy Helmsman provides supporting fire for Jack, increasing all types of damage he deals by Mastery Bonus. Each time he attacks a unit, increases damage Jack deals by an extra 10%, up to 20%.

When the battle begins, Jack gets [Golden Shell].

Willy Helmsman provides comprehensive protection for Jack, rendering him immune to [Oppressed], [Paralysis], and [Bleeding]. This effect will disappear after being revived.

[Golden Shell]: Willy Helmsman is always looking after Jack. At the start of battle and after the character acts, Willy Helmsman gives Jack a shield worth Physical ATK *150%. This effect cannot stack. Before character acts, if shield exists, Jack will recover 1 point of Concentration and the shield will be converted into HP. Without a shield, 5% HP will be deducted, unless HP is already less than 5%.

Passive Effect


The Unpredictable Libertine.

A nightclub records a video for its anniversary celebration.

A man with bronze skin has a girl in each arm, while in his hand, he holds a cocktail. When a staff member asks him to record a video to celebrate the anniversary, he flashes his iconic smile.

'Hi! I'm Jack, a regular at this establishment.' Jack pulls out a flashy membership card and continues: 'Check it out. It's already covered in black and gold stamps.' The staff member lets out a slight gasp of amazement. Jack looks closely at his membership card: 'Oh! This is the first time I've come to the club in this city.

It's like you guys are popping my cherry~ All these stamps are collected from the clubs I've visited in the other cities as I've traveled around, haha!' He puts the membership card away. 'So today is your anniversary? Seems like I came at the right time. Then let me help you guys liven things up a little bit~' Jack taps a few times on the metal box he's got with him and some rockets shoot out, shaking the camera.

'Don't worry!' Jack stands up and calms the cameraman down: 'The rockets are filled with bubbles that can ignite your desire!' Jack turns around and presses a button. A happy scream comes from the screen, and bubbles begin to float around Jack.

'This is my anniversary present. I hope you like it!' Jack blows a kiss to the camera, and the video ends.

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