Earth Flux Tank

"Flurries of Shells, Defense Like Fortress"

Tactical DeploymentNormal Attack

Will leads the infantry to attack 1 enemy, dealing physical damage equal to PATK*130%.

Passive Effect

Extends [Heavy Firepower] by 1 turn when [Deployment] deals critical damage.

Entrenched DefenseAdvanced

Will stands his ground, gains [Tactical Cover] and inflicts [Block] on 1 to 2 enemies.
[Tactical Cover]: The character gains a 21% damage reduction for 2 turns.
[Block]: Cannot use ranged skills for 1 turn.

Passive Effect

Additionally enhances the damage reduction effect of [Hold] by 27%.
[Hold] additionally reduces 15% ranged damage.

Carpet BombingUltimate

Will commands the artillery to start a bombing, consumes all the Rage and channels for 2 turns, each turn dealing physical damage equal to PATK*114% to all enemies. When released in 55 Rage, recovers HP equal to 17% of the damage dealt to a single target.

Passive Effect

[Carpet Bombing] deals 12% damage additionally.
Every 10% HP Will loses increases [Carpet Bombing]'s damage by 1%.
The channeling of [Carpet Bombing] won't be interrupted.

Heavy FirepowerMastery

Combat Skill: Will gives the bombardment order before he makes a move, dealing physical damage to all enemies (the damage increases as Mastery increases), lasting 5 turns. Each time Will uses [Tactical Deployment], [Heavy Firepower] extends by 1 turn.

Passive Effect


Will's father was an alcoholic and beat both him and his mother frequently. Finally, Will had enough and fought back, thrashing his father, after which he moved to Azria with his mom. He enlisted in the city's garrison and rose up in ranks due to his exceptional abilities. Meanwhile, Jonas inherited the family business and served Azria's Triumvirate with dedication, earning the trust of Elder Harmon.

When Azria was destroyed, Will was leading army elsewhere but his mother perished in the battle. Furious, he wanted retribution against the White Capes but Jonas managed to stop him. Soon after, Jonas founded the Order of Equality according to Harmon's dying wish. As instructed by Jonas, Will formed the Light of Purity in Harveston and, under the pretense of expelling "Yellow Eyes", searched for and provided aid to Gyees under persecution.

Will has a broadsword forged from Dragonium. It was a gift from Jonas and named "Forgiveness" as a reminder to forgive enemies as well as own past sins. It could be Jonas' profound influence on him or maybe regrets for things he did in his youth, Will swore to the sword that he would never use it unless in dire emergency.

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