Arcana Flux Support

"Tunes for Protection, Strokes for Recovery"

Procrastinator RageNormal Attack

Su swings the brush and attacks 1 enemy with paint, dealing magical damage equal to MATK*54%.

Passive Effect

Increases [Draft Drawing]'s damage by 7%.

Monster TherapyAdvanced

Su draws a magical healing gremlin to recover HP equal to MATK*54% 1 ally and inflict 1 [Gremlin Shield].
[Gremlin Shield]: Each grants immunity to 1 attack, lasting 2 turns.

Passive Effect

Increases [Gremlin Treatment]'s healing effect by 11%.
[Gremlin Treatment] additionally inflicts 1 [Gremlin Shield].
[Gremlin Shield]: Each grants immunity to 1 attack, lasting 2 turns.


Su creates a beautiful dream for all allies, recovering HP equal to MATK*36% for them, and gains the effect of [Fantasy]. This skill revives all the dead allies and recovers HP equal to their Max HP*8% for them.
[Fantasy]: Increases effect resistance by 15% for 2 turns.

Passive Effect

Increases [Fantasy]'s healing effect by 11%.
Increases the recovery boost of targets revived by [Fantasy] to HP equal to Max HP*20%.
Extends [Fantasy] to 3 turns.


Additionally recovers HP equal to MAS*MATK*X% for revived characters.(X is related to Mastery skill's level)

Passive Effect


Su and Yan were childhood sweethearts who grew up in Kaigon together.

Kaigon is the mecca of Ka. Because Ka's tolerance and protection of Gyee, the White Capes dare not intrude, so many Gyees made the city their home. Every major faction would visit Kaigon and recruit talented children. When he was 10 years old, Su was picked by the White Turbans to stay in Kaigon and learn magic. Yan was selected by the Shadowhunters for training in Westhold. The pair made a pact to reunite in Kaigon after their decade's training is up.

Finally, the ten years were up. Su waited for Yan in Kaigon when he got a letter from Yan that he had received orders to defend the altar on the island of Broken Toe, so could only see Su at the dock. Su rushed out of the church but got there just as the ship left port, leaving them to stare longingly at each other.

Su can apply Flux to his drawings, making them magical. Many murals in Kaigon came from his paint brushes. On the first day of every month, he would sketch on the beach in Broken Toe's direction. The drawing always shows a small figure standing silently, looking out to the ocean.

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