GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game

空 - Kong

Fire Flux Ranger

Former Shadowhunters Soldier.
Currently a free mercenary.

Thousand BatonsNormal Attack

"Drown in my partners' weapons!" Kong summons his arsenal, dealing to 1 enemy P.DMG by P.ATK *86%, causing half splashing damage to enemies on both sides.

Passive Effect
Sharpened Edge! : Increases Thousand Batons's damage by 30%.

Mirage BatonAdvanced

"Hey! Take this!" Kong and his clones deal on 1 enemy twice P.DMG by P.ATK *96%, applying [Oppressed].

[Oppressed]: While the effect is active, the target cannot take action for 1 round.

Passive Effect

I'm Getting Serious! : Increases Mirage Baton's damage by 20%.
Taste My Batons! : When hitting enemies with [Got Ya!], increases this skill's DMG by 30%.

Devastating BashUltimate

"How about... This?" Kong applies on the target [You're Done!] and causes P.DMG by P.ATK *419%.
Grants to self 1 stack of [Dodge This!] and 1 stack of [Powerless on Me!].
[Dodge This!]: While the effect is active, each stack grants 1 immunity to P.DMG, stacking up to 2 times for 1 round. It can be dispelled.
[Powerless on Me!]: While the effect is active, each stack grants 1 immunity to M.DMG, stacking up to 2 times for 1 round. It can be dispelled.
[You're Done!]: Records 40% damage received by the character. Deals P.DMG equal to the recorded amount when its duration is over and clears all recorded amount. If the target is killed during recording period, deals P.DMG to all allies on character's side. Lasts 2 rounds and cannot be purified.
tips: This skill cannot target enemies bearing [You're Done!].

Passive Effect

Destruction! : Increases Devastating Bash's DMG by 15%.

Just the Beginning: When there are 3 or more enemies, grants 1 extra stack of [Dodge This!] and [Powerless on Me!] after using the skill.

You sure got a thing or two! : When self HP is lower than 70%, using Devastating Bash restores self 20 Mana.

Boulder BoyMastery

"I'm Master Kong!" Any damage dealt by Kong increase {0} (Fixed Bonus {1} + Mastery Bonus {2}).
At the beginning of the battle, Kong is granted [My Stone Head!] [First Blood!] [No Escape!]
When there are 3 or more enemies, Kong applies on the enemy with the highest HP percentage [Got Ya].
[My Stone Head]: Grants immunity to [Deform] [Slumber]. The effect is lifted after being defeated and cannot be dispelled.
[First Blood!]: Grants [Attack First] for 1 round when the battle begins.
[No Escape!]: Self attack ignores Dodge.
[Got Ya]: The character's attack on Kong will be dodged. This effect can exist on one enemy only at a time and cannot be dispelled. Lasts 1 round.

Passive Effect

Free and Unrestrained.

During the Shadowhunter initiation ceremony, a rookie in northern tribal outfit and a staff walked onto the stage, grabbed the microphone from whoever was talking at the time, and proclaimed loudly,

"I'm Kong, and I swear I'm going to be a legend among the Shadowhunters!"

That's Kong in a nutshell for you.

26 years ago, the nomad tribe of the northern desert found Kong crying on top of a boulder. With no parents and no one to reply on, Boulder Boy, as he was called, was bullied by children around his age and ignored by adults. He managed to grow up in relatively good health, and actually became the tribe's main combat force due to his physique and talents. On the other hand, a restless Kong caused a lot of trouble because he didn't listen to anyone, and no one could best him. Eventually he was exiled after one last incident, and spent several years wandering the north.

Two years ago, the Shadowhunters found a wandering Kong while on assignment. They scouted him because of his agility and outstanding talents.

These days, the Shadowhunters have mixed feelings about him - some think he's a great soldier that can take on man enemies at once, but some think he's nothing but trouble, and that the Shadowhunters will be responsible for his stunts. Kong, however, doesn't really care about what they think, and carries on as usual.

Maybe Kong will become a hero one day. Maybe Kong will destroy this world one day.

Who knows?