GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game


The Flux flows through everything. It surges beneath the crust, rides every wave and even breaks the barriers of space and time, wandering into the void.

A Flux Nexus is where Flux gathers, and everyone knows the Seven Flux Nexuses. In the void, where Flux gathers is called an Inner Nexus.

Because of their special locations, Inner Nexuses yield various rare resources that attract adventurers.

But one must be careful, for void creatures, their claws made sharper by the pure Flux flowing inside the void, are also after the very same resources.

When seasons change in the real world, the surroundings of Inner Nexuses change as well.

Take advantage of these changes and proper, or be torn to shreds in the storms of the void.

Are you ready, adventurers?


At the beginning of a new month, the dimensions surrounding an Inner Nexus distorts, changing the monster and the Flux type and presenting a new challenge to adventurers.

Each month is considered a season, and both progress and rewards are reset at the beginning of a season. The items in the shop will also change.

Each season is divided into four phases. The first three phases are one week each; the final phase starts on the fourth week and lasts until the end of the month.

When a new phase starts, all progress are reset. Victory rewards and point rewards can be obtained again.

Inner Flux is not available on the last day of the season, but rewards and shops can still be accessed.


Both players and monsters are affected by the strange energy inside each Inner Nexus, and gain various effects, which will affect how players approach the Inner Nexus.

The effects are: season, phase and floor. They will be simultaneously active.

The Inner Nexus is organized like a tower. Complete the current floor to reach the next floor. A new challenge cannot be started until progress is reset.

The monsters become more brutal as players reach higher floors, where strategy plays a big part in the challenge.

When a challenge fails, the Flux Cube, which functions as a key to the Inner Nexus, will run out of energy. It needs to be repaired for the challenge to continue.

A portion of the boss's HP will be saved. When a challenge resumes, the boss will start with the saved HP.

The Flux Cube will be repaired at the beginning of every session, but players may also repair it with energy crystals.


Explore Inner Nexus to discover hidden treasures and earn honor rewards that can only be claimed once per season.

Taneleer has also opened an Inner Nexus shop, where players can spend Distorted Flux to purchase items.

The items in the shop include engraving skill unlocks, season-exclusive avatars, frames and titles.

Season-exclusive items are different every season.