[GYEE-EN] Version 1.15 Release and Routine Server Maintenance on April 19th

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:04-18-2022

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We will release the latest version 1.15.0 on April 19th. The time of Server Maintenance will be adjusted according to the releasing time of the new version in the App Store. It’s about 15:00 - 18:00 (UTC +8) for SEA server or 3:00 – 6:00 (UTC -4) for NA server.

During maintenance, Gyeemates will not be able to log into the game. Please adjust your playtime accordingly.

Note: If you are currently using a guest account, it is strongly recommended to bind your email or other login methods as soon as possible to avoid account missing.

For the new features of version 1.15, please visit Version 1.15.0 Update


[What’s New]

1. New Gyee Elbrand is coming

2. Elbrand's [Iron-Fisted Doctor] Summon is open from April 19th 4:00 to May 2nd 23:59.

    Rohoboam's [The Nirvanian] Summon is open from April 19th 4:00 to May 2nd 23:59.

    Kovit's [Thai Style] Summon is open from April 19th 4:00 to May 2nd 23:59.

    Rald's [Deep Tissue] Summon is open from April 19th 4:00 to May 2nd 23:59.

    Lan's [Light Drinking] Summon is open from April 19th 4:00 to May 2nd 23:59.

    Gany's [Bird in Cage] Summon is open from April 19th 4:00 to May 2nd 23:59.

3. The new Daily Discount Pack is open from April 19th 4:00 to May 2nd 23:59: [Kovit's Ticket] will be awarded here.

4. The new Sign Gift is open from April 20th 4:00 to April 26th 3:59. Log in daily to get Rune Pack Ticket, Pact Stone, and [Elbrand's Insight]

5. The new event [Pest Control] is open from April 19th 4:00 to April 26th 3:59: Obtain [Academy Pass] in Sign Gift to enter the event and win Chaos Flux, Gold and [Kovit's Medal].

6. The Blessings will be reset after the maintenance.

7. The Season Pass will be reset after the maintenance.

8. [Lan's Secret Bag (Summer Skin)] and [Lan's Secret Bag (Samurai Skin)] will be available in Supply after the maintenance.

9. [Pure Flux Case], [Hart's Secret Bag (The Summer Skin)] and [Izumi's Secret Bag] will be removed from the Supply after the maintenance.

10. [Starter Summon] will expand:Gany, Haku, Lee, Markus, Jonas, Bidziil, Antonio, Taneleer, Rudolf, Lukka&Hank, Rohoboam, Niko, Felix, Rald, Kovit, Alcander, Kong, Duran, Takashi.


[Other updates]

1. Exorcist: Discipline

- Adjusted the cooldown round of the skill [Guardian of the Gods] to 1 round.

- Adjustment of the skill [Final Judgment] passive [Divine Code]: When [Final Judgment] is chanted, it can add the status of [Heavenly God] to all allied characters for 2 rounds. After successfully chanting, the team's [Heavenly God] status will be removed.

2. Billy

- Skill [Drill Ejection] passive [Energy Flow Disruptor] adjustment: the probability of being silent on the secondary target has been increased from a medium probability to a high probability.

3. Mercy

- Adjusted the skill [Special Medicine] passive [I'm good for you]: when the HP is greater than 60%, the healing effect can be increased.

4. Choji

- Adjusted the skill [Large Iron Pot] passive [Adding to the bottom of the pot]: Basic attack damage can be stacked up to 10 times.

5. Osmond

- Added effect of the skill [Blessing of Light]: Add a spell damage shield that can be dispelled for 2 turns to the entire team.

6. Queerix

- Mastery [Loop Battery] adjustment: The basic damage increase effect of each layer is adjusted to 10%, and the number of layers is reset in multiples of 2 rounds.

- Skill [Carrot Mud Bomb] passive [Energy Flow Transfer] adjustment: the damage increase for each additional consumption of focus point is adjusted to the increase of damage for each consumption of 1 focus point.

7. Sig

- Adjustment of the skill [Forge Armor]: The shield value provided by [Strong Armor] is increased, and the damage increase effect of [Blade] when released with rage above 85 is increased to 18% (up to 23% after unlocking the passive [Energy Flow Attachment]).

8. Voh

- Mastery [Hunter Instinct] adjustment: Mastery damage increase effect reduced to 15%.

- Adjustment of the skill [Hunter's Elixir]: The damage increase effect of [Sharp Senses] is reduced to 30% at the highest level (the maximum level is reduced to 35% after unlocking the passive [Add Hormone]).

- Adjustment of the skill [Giant Wood Bomb]: the damage increase effect provided by consuming additional focus points has been increased.

9. Catherine

- Adjustment of the skill [Blood Wheel Slash]: No need to charge up the health limit to be adjusted to be greater than or equal to 50%.

10. Caius

- Mastering the new effect of [King's Style]: At the beginning of the battle, Kaius gets the blessing of [Giant's Power], is immune to the status of [Lag], and cannot be added to the effect of [Bleeding]. Lasts until the end of the battle, and is removed after defeat.

- Mastery [King's Demeanor] adjustment: Removed the effect of immune control when holding 5 or more layers of [Mark of Tyrutant].

11. Adonis

- Mastery [Eros Angel] adjustment: [Resistant] base damage reduction reduced to 12%, and additional damage reduction per layer reduced to 2%.

- The additional damage increase effect of the skill [God's Favor] has been increased from 9% to 12%

12. Osmond Imprint

- Osmond's engraving skill [Divine Pity] has been strengthened, and the skill name has been changed to [Brotherhood];

- The buff [Divine Pity] in the engraving skill has been strengthened, and the buff name has been changed to [fraternity]: the wielder's healing effect will be increased by an additional 20%, and the teammate's [Paralysis] state can be removed additionally after defeat;

13. Turing

- The base damage factor has been slightly reduced.

- The [Stun] attached to the normal attack [Iron Fist] has been reduced to 1 turn.

- The passive [Precision Guidance Device] effect has been changed to: [Focus Ray]'s damage is increased, and the damage received during charging is reduced.

- The damage increase factor of [Nano Enhancement Matrix] level 1~4 has been increased, and the full level factor remains unchanged.

14. Grancy

Grancy's mastery of [Blood of Winter] will adjust the awakened blood volume judgment to before the action, and at the same time will obtain the effect of [Ice Soul], additionally recovering mana and increasing the damage caused by himself each round; (Note: [Cold Soul]・Awakening] effect will still be obtained after the action)

15. Priapus

- The effect of Priapus's skill [Rainbow] has been optimized, and now at least one energy stream will hit the main target;

- The passive [Colorful Seal] of Priapus [Rainbow] is strengthened, and silence ignores effect resistance;

16. Swordsman: Defender

- The swordsman's protective skill [Energy Flow Barrier] has been strengthened, and the shield value has been increased;

- The swordsman's protection skill [absolute defense] has been strengthened, and the rebound damage has been increased;

17. Su’s Imprint

The effective time of Su’s imprint is changed from the beginning of holder’s turn to the beginning of a new round.

18. BeeNic

- BeeNic’s skill [Guaranteed Crit] is changed from “lasts 1 round” to “be effective for once and lasts until battle ends”.


So here are all the updates for this update.

Thank you for your love and wish you a happy game!