[GYEE-EN] Update on February 1st

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:01-25-2022

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#GYEE #UpdateNote

There will be no server maintenance on February 1st. The following content will be affective on time.


【Lustre Festival】

The Lustre Festival will be open at 4:00 am (UTC-4) on February 1st, and will end on February 15th.
Note: Please enter the activity by clicking the icon at the lower right corner in the Never Isle.
1) Sign-in: Sign in every day to get [Lustre Festival Avatar], Pact Stones, 500 Black Dragonshards, and other wonderful rewards!
2) Sales: [Takashi's Rainbow Case] is only available for the FIRST 777 with 50% discount! 
3) Daily: Enter the activity every day to unlock Lustre Festival stories and get bountiful rewards.
4) Puzzle and Redeem: Collect Firecrackers to redeem Special Bonus for Lustre Festival. 
Firecrackers can be obtained through sign-in and daily festival missions, or exchanged with your friends.


【Other Updates】

1. New Gyee Okan is coming!

2. Okan's [Bali Heat] Summon is open from February 1st 4:00 to February 14th 23:59.

  Takashi's [Courageous Bull] Summon is open from February 1st 4:00 to February 14th 23:59.

3. The New Daily Discount Pack is open from February 1st 4:00 to February 14th 23:59: [L. Artisoul Coupon] will be awarded here.

4. The new Sign Gift is open from February 2nd 4:00 to February 8th 3:59. Log in daily to get Rune Pack Ticket, Pact Stone and [Okan's Insight].

5. [Pure Flux Case] will be available in Supply from February 1st 4:00 to February 15th 4:00.

6. [Luxurious Cuisine Case], [Shirou's Secret Bag (Shirou's Summer Skin)] and [Daley's Secret Bag (Daley's Summer Skin)] will be removed from the Supply on February 1st 4:00.

7. [Lustre Exquisite Case], [Lustre Normal Case] and [Lustre - Decor Coupon] will be available in limited shop after the maintenance.

8. The new Private Photo of Takashi - Takashi Rainbow will be available after the maintenance.

9. The new story [Strayed into ruins] is open from January 25th 4:00 to February 14th 23:59.

While Oki and Kovit crash into the White Cape base, Rald also collides with a man and falls into the mysterious ruins..

10. The new Cool Skin of Okan and Takashi will be available after the maintenance.


So here are all the updates.

Thank you for your love and wish you a happy game!