[GYEE-EN] Version 1.13 Release and Routine Server Maintenance on August 24th

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:08-23-2021

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We will release the latest version 1.13.0 on August 24th. The time of Server Maintenance will be adjusted according to the releasing time of the new version in the App Store. It’s about 15:00 - 18:00 (UTC +8) for SEA server or 3:00 – 6:00 (UTC -4) for NA server.

During maintenance, Gyeemates will not be able to log into the game. Please adjust your playtime accordingly.

Tip: If you are currently using a guest account, it is strongly recommended to bind your email or other login methods as soon as possible to avoid account missing.


What’s New about the Version 1.13.0

1. New Gyee: Haku is coming!

2. Haku's [White Fox] Summon is open from August 24th 4:00 to September 6th 23:59.

Alcander's [Lion King] Summon is open from August 24th 4:00 to September 6th 23:59.

Miles's [Lone wolf] Summon is open from August 24th 4:00 to September 6th 23:59.

3. The new Sign Gift is open from August 25th to August 31th: Login daily to get Rune Pack Ticket, Pact Stone, Defense Force Volunteer Medal and [Haku’s Insight].

4. The New Event [Battle in Garden] is open from August 24th 4:00 to August 31th 3:59: Enter the event to obtain Chaos Flux, Gold, Pure Flux Elixir and Kovit's Medal.

5. The Rainbow Skin Shop: New Alcander' Rainbow Skin will be available after the maintenance for 50% OFF! The price will be adjusted back in two weeks! Priapus' Rainbow Skin change to original price.

5. [Pure Flux Case] and [Mile's Secret Bag (The Summer Skin)] will be available in Supply after the maintenance.

6. [Daley's Secret Bag (The Summer Skin)] will be removed from the Supply after the maintenance.

7. New Main Stories: Reach Level 58 to unlock [Water Nexus].

8. New Story [Shadow in the Woods] is open from August 24th 4:00 to September 6th 23:59.

9. New Branch Stories [Never Isle Phantom], [Portrait of Triton], [Groundbreaking Research], [The Strongest in the Alien Worlds] and [The Greedy Draconian] will be available after the maintenance.

10. New Nightmare 14 will be available after the maintenance.

11. The new Private Photo of Alcander – [You Awake?] and [Rainbow Private Photos] will be available after the maintenance.

12. The Cool Skin of Alcander will be available after the maintenance.



Skills Update

1. New Engraving Skills:

- Ranmaru: [Sword Aura's Guard].

- Nemesio: [Survival Teaching].

- Lin Hu: [Holy Embodiment].

- Niko: [Vector Control].

- Felix: [Elysiann Son].

- Daley: [Ocean Guard].

- Voh: [Into the Dark].

- Jonas: [Magus].

- Carter: [Soul Box].

- Shawn: Unyielding Will.

- Mike: [Treasure Bowl].

- Priapus: [God's Day].


2. Skills Adjustment

Exorcist · Discipline

- [Holy Prayer] has been changed to increase the healing amount 25% if Exorcist is not damaged during the channeling.

- [Divine Grace] has been changed to add God status to all our characters after the [God's Laws] is released.


Exorcist · Soul

- When [Soul Torture I] and [Soul Torture II] are applied in [Soul Purgatory] state, an additional stack can be added to the primary target.

- When target holds [Soul Torture I] is more than 6 in [Mental Plague], inflicts [Extreme Fear] on 1 more target.

- When self HP is less than 50%, the channeling of Scorched Soul cannot be interrupted, and increases the HP restored by [Exile] to Max HP *10%.

- Fixed the problem that Endless Fear ineffective in [Soul Form].


※ Arcanist · Lightning

- When character holds 3 stacks of [Static Charge], releasing the Static Field can add a [Silence] state to the primary target.

- [Static Charge]’s damage has been increased to 15%.


  • Arcanist · Fire

- [Burn - Kindling]’s damage has been increased to 50%.

- When the character holds 4 stacks of [Fire Essence] or more, increase the Crit damage by 20%.


※ Arcanist · Frost

- Fixed the problem that [Son of Northland] is ineffective.


  • Swordsman · Berserk

- [Giant Strike] has been changed to [Cripple] and remove [Stun] effect. While the effect is active decreases the damage dealt by 20%, lasting 1 round.



- Taneleer gets 7 stacks of [Dragon Scale] when battle begins and gets 1 stack of [Dragon Scale] each round.

- When carrying [Treasure Stealer], Taneleer will not lose [Dragon Scale] due to the enemy's [Theft] effect. When [Treasure Stealer] is removed, Taneleer will get 1 stack of [Dragon Scale].

- After casting the skill, Taneleer can obtain [Treasure Stealer]. If Taneleer already have a shield, the shield of [Treasure Stealer] will be halved; the shield of [Treasure Stealer] will be increased to the current life value * 60%.



- Character periodically gains [Stars] after [Meteor Shower] is released. Before the normal attack, inflicts [falling stars] if the target's HP is not full. While the effect is active, convert healing effects received by the character to damage for 1 round.



- Fixed the problem that the [Bloodthirst Morale]’s effect of increasing max HP did not take effect in the Arena.

- Fixed the problem that Yang cannot die because of the Lifesteal effect.



- Fixed the problem that mana cannot be restored when release Ultimate in invisible state.



- [Arcana Stamp] each stack reduces the DMG against the caster by 10%.



- Remove Su’s engraving skill [Reanimation] in Osmond [Angel] state.



So here are all the updates for this maintenance.

Thank you for your love and wish you a happy game!