[GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:06-21-2021

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Dear Gyeemates,

We will release the latest version 1.12.0 on June 22nd. The maintenance time is around 14:00 - 18:00 (UTC +8) for SEA server or 2:00 – 6:00 (UTC -4) for NA server. The maintenance time may change according to the release time of App Store and Google Play.

Please download the latest app version.

If you are using a Guest account, please update it in time in case your account might be lost.


 01   New Features

1. Soulmate

Become a Soulmate with your destined partner! Invite the people of Never Isle to your ceremony!

[GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update-1.png


2. Wedding Ceremony

After accepting the request of your Soulmate, both sides enter a Wedding scene. After the countdown, they can start the romantic ceremony![GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update-2.png

[GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update-3.png


3. Invite Friends 

Before the ceremony, both sides can invite their friends to participate in the ceremony and enjoy the happy and romantic time together.

[GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update-4.png


4. Hospitality Benefit

When your friends arrive, you can send gift boxes to them to share your joy. It's time to show your generosity!

[GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update-5.png


5. Live Comment

Participants in the ceremony can send blessing comments to bless their good friends to become Soulmate. Different types of comments will consume different materials. Let's express our blessing and admiration through comments at the ceremony!

[GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update-6.png


6. Precondition of Becoming Soulmates

a) The relationship between the players is "friends";

b) The intimacy level reaches level 4;

c) The initiator needs to consume 500,000 gold;

d) The ceremony needs to spend 2,000,000 gold, which can be shared by the partners, and the proportion of gold paid by each partner is decided by themselves;


7. The Process of Becoming Soulmates

a) The initiator pays the deposit;

b) The initiator initiates the request;

[GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update-7.png


c) Friend accepts the request;

[GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update-8.png


d) Become Soulmates;


8. Advantage

a) Unlock Co-Activeness reward: Soulmate Co-Activeness reaches a specified value, they can receive the reward which refreshes at 4 a.m. every day;

b) Unlock Token level: Token level can be used to unlock room decoration appearance, unlock special tokens, and unlock new function of Soulmate;

c) Unlock Token function: to activate and wear Token can get special effect bonus. Some effects can be unlocked by one player and used by two players;

d) Unlock Ceremony function: both partners can consume gold to open the ceremony, invite friends or other players to participate, experience the ceremony and get rewards;

e) Unlock mutual gift function: both Soulmates can make wishes to each other once a day, and the Image and Insight will not conflict with the reward of the Guild;

f) Unlock Savings Pot feature: according to the total value of Black Dragonshard or White Dragonshard consumed by both Soulmates, you can receive the consumption reward respectively. At the same time, buying White Dragonshard can increase the EXP of Savings Pot, improve the level of Savings Pot, and improve the consumption reward;


9. Emotion Cultivation

The Emotion State between Soulmates is reflected by the Token level. The more active both Soulmates are, the faster the Token level will be improved. When the emotional reaches a certain level, the Proposal Letter, Ceremony Preparation, Upgrade House and other functions will be unlocked, and the corresponding title will be obtained.

[GYEE-EN] Version 1.12.0 Update-9.png



 02   Updates

1. Weapons are on display and have their own name.

2. The Popularity can be exchanged for a new Gyee Gift, which is not restricted by Gift times of each week.

3. x2 Speed is locked in the Arena.

4. Gyee’s Seed is upgraded to return more resources.

5. Battle UI optimization.

6. Pathfinding optimization in Quiz.

7. Gyees' victory animations after battle are optimized.

8. Novice guide optimization.



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Thank you for your love and wish you a happy game!