[GYEE-EN]Routine Server Maintenance on June 1st

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:06-01-2021

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#GYEE #UpdateNote 

We will perform SEA server maintenance at 3:00 pm on June 1st (UTC+8) and NA server maintenance at 3:00 am on June 1st (UTC-4), lasting for 60 minutes. The lasting time may change under certain situations.

During maintenance, Gyeemates will not be able to log into the game. Please adjust your playtime accordingly. 


【What’s New】

1. New Gyee Felix is coming!

2. The Candy Festival will be open on SEA server at 4:00 pm (UTC+8) on June 1st and at the same time on NA server at 4:00 am (UTC-4) on June 1st, and will end on June 15th.

Note: Please enter the activity by clicking the icon at the lower right corner in the Never Isle.

1) Sign-in: Sign in every day to get [Candy Festival Avatar], Pact Stones, 500 Black Dragonshards, and other wonderful rewards!

2) Sales: [Morgan's Rainbow Case] is only available for the FIRST 777! Hurry up if you want it!

Candy Decor will also be available then.

3) Daily: Enter the activity every day to unlock Candy Festival stories and get bountiful rewards.

4) Puzzle and Redeem: Collect Candy and Candy Photo Shards to redeem Special Title and Special Frame for Candy Festival. 

Candy and Candy Photo Shards can be obtained through sign-in and daily festival missions, or exchanged with your friends.


3. Felix’s [Son of Elysiann] Summon is open from June 1st to June 14th.

Morgan’s [Hunting Blades] Summon is open from June 1st to June 14th.

Markus’ [Golden Lion] Summon is open from June 1st to June 14th.

4. The new Sign Gift is open from June 2nd to June 8th: Login daily to get Rune Pack Ticket, Pact Stone, and [Felix’s Insight].

5. Darkflux Raid Intrusion is open from June 1st to June 8th: Win battles in Darkflux Raid with additionally dropping Gold, Chaos Flux, and [Will’s Medal].

6. [Pure Flux Case], [Felix’s Secret Bag (The Magician Skin)], [Yaen's Secret Bag (The Birthday Skin)], and [Wesley's Special Gift] will be available in Supply after the maintenance.

7. [Miles' Secret Bag (The Summer Skin)], and [Mike's Secret Bag (The Snow Skin)] will be removed from the Supply after the maintenance.

8. The new Cool Skin of Markus will be available after the maintenance. 

9. The new skins: Morgan’s Rainbow Skin, Felix's Magician Skin, and Yaen's Birthday Skin will be available after the maintenance.

10. The new Furniture: Candy Decor will be available after the maintenance. 

11. New Inner Nexus Season will be reset after the maintenance.

12. New Engraving Skills will be added after the maintenance:

Hart - Indomitable Spirit

Will - Safety 

Triton - Surging Darkflux

Bidziil - Art of Melee Fighting

Rudolf - Sharp Sense

13. [Will’s Medal] can be used to redeem [Felix’s Insight] after the maintenance. 

14. The Never Isle will be decorated with gorgeous rainbow after the maintenance. A free, bright and beautiful world!



【Skills’ Update】

1. Fixed the problem that the shield of Ranmaru’s Engraving Skill [Sword Aura] was too low in PVP.

2. Fixed the problem that Queerix cannot use [Break Time] in auto battle.

3. Fixed the problem that Turing cannot be deformed correctly by Morgan when he died with [Nano Close-Fitted Material].

4. The effect of Peter’s skill [Sweeping Hammer] has been updated: Reduce the Effect Hit Rate of Taunt on secondary targets.

5. The effect of Caius’s Mastery [King's Manner] has been updated:

- Increase Caius’s DMG from 20% to 25%.

- Increase P.DMG Reduction of each stack of [Tildant Mark] from 3% to 5%.

6. Hachi’s skills have been strengthened:

- Add new effect to [Wild Fury]: While the effect is active, skills ignore shield, and Hachi is immune to [Imprison].

- Add new effect to Ultimate: when the ultimate is active, [Imprison] will be removed.

- Hachi's Damage Increase has been updated: When Hachi takes action, gains damage bonus with HP loss; When Hachi's HP is over 75%, gains [Trapped Beast I]; When Hachi's HP falls between 75%-50%, gains [Trapped Beast II]; When Hachi's HP falls below 50%, gains [Trapped Beast III].  Hachi's damage from all sources with [Trapped Beast I], [Trapped Beast II], and [Trapped Beast III] increases by 15%, 20%, and 30% respectively. 

- Add new effect to [Trapped Beast I], [Trapped Beast II] and [Trapped Beast III]: Gained extra 3, 5, and 7 Rage before acting respectively.

- [Shattering Blow]’s Damage Increased has been increased to 30%.

- [Teeth and Claw]’s Damage Increased has been increased to 20%.

- When Hachi's HP falls below 75%, using skills doesn’t consume HP. 

- The second passive skill has been re-designed and is named as [Fearless]: When casting skills, gains [Fearless], reduces self damage taken by 30%, lasts for 1 round, and can be dispelled.

- Skills’ Damage Increased have been increased properly.

7. Morgan’s skills have been strengthened:

- Mastery has been increased to 1550.

- [Bloodshed]: When Morgan possesses this effect, casting [Wing Blade] can restore self HP equal to Max HP *20%, and [Skysplitting Blade] can restore self HP equal to Max HP *30%.

- [Hunting Mark]: While the effect is active, reduces the character's healing received by 33%.

- [Vanguard Raider]: While the effect is active, each stack reduces M.DMG taken by 20%.

- [Blood Reaper]’s Damage Increased has been increased to 30%.

- [Burning Wrath]’s Damage Increased has been increased to 20%.

- The Damage Increased of Ultimate has been increased.

- [Vanguard Werewolf]’s AOE Damage Reduction was increased from 35% to 50%.

- Add Rainbow Skin skill [Tribal Soul]: [Vanguard Raider] can increase damage in non-Arena battles.

8. In Arena, healing effect to units will be reduced gradually, reduced by 40% after 10 rounds, and 80% after 15 rounds. 

9. Fixed the problem that Mass shield cannot absorb damage when attacked by over-shield hit.

10. Fixed the problem that when melee-attacking character is in [Taunt] and [Freeze], the game would crash.

11. Fixed the problem that Swordsman [Berserk] cannot remove [Imprison] when allies died.



So here are all the updates for this maintenance.

Thank you for your love and wish you a happy game and happy Candy Festival!