GYEE 1st Anniversary Fanart Contest!

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:05-07-2021

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Happy Anniversary, Gyeemates!

Feels like Gyee just launched yesterday, and here we are at our 1st NA Server Anniversary. The Journey wasn't smooth but it was enjoyable because of everyone heart.

To make the occasion even merrier, we will be holding a Fanart Event. Post your works for the chance to get rewards!


[How to Participate]

1. Create Gyee fan arts on the theme of "Gyee 1st Anniversary" in accordance with the Submission Criteria.

2. Post your artwork in a Twitter post, along with the hashtags #Gyee and #GyeeNA1Year.

3. In a follow-up tweet, write down your ID number (starting with 0000), Server, and In-game Nickname.


[Art Work Categories]

- FanArt

- Short Video


[Event Duration] :

- Submission: 5/08 – 6/08

- Judging: 6/08 – 6/15

- Results: 6/15 – 6/22

The prize will be issued within 7 days of workdays.


[Submission Criteria]


1. Submissions should be based on Gyee Characters as the subject of creation. Creative content can be expanded based on the lore of Gyee including Luxium in different space and time settings.

2. The finished works posted should be colored. Gyeemates should take note to retain pictures of their works-in-progress (drafts, sketches, etc.) for the Official Gyee Operational Team to verify that the works are original.

3. Gyeemates are allowed to briefly outline the inspiration and meaning behind their artwork, as well as the time spent on its creation.


* For participation to be valid, Gyeemates must adhere to all the criteria.


[Event Rewards]

Grand Prize (1 Winner) :

- Pact Stones x 111

- Black Dragonshards x 1,111

- Common Images x 111

- 30 Days worth of Never Isle Builder Package (White Dragonshards x 60, and Black Dragonshards x 100 + Common Images x 3 per day).


Runner-Ups (11 Winners) :

- Pact Stones x 11

- 30 Days worth of Never Isle Builder Package (White Dragonshards x 60, and Black Dragonshards x 100 + Common Images x 3 per day).


Participation Rewards (Every Eligible Submission) :

- 111 Black Dragonshards.


[Event Format]

1. FanArt file format should be JPGs, PNGs, or GIFs (in-game screenshots and previously posted works will not be considered).

2. Short Video should be within 2 Minutes and 20 Seconds duration to be allowed to be posted on Twitter.

3. Winning Submissions are required to send the original file of their FanArt to claim rewards. (Twitter lower resolution upon posting).

3. The same work cannot be submitted more than once, with additional submissions of the same work becoming ineligible for prizes.

4. Posting works of the following nature will result in automatic disqualification: the content of the work does not meet the submission criteria, those that plagiarize or defraud the work of other artists, those with no relation to Gyee content, those which seek to spread malicious rumors or discredit the game or its characters.

5. If a participant's successful submission is flagged and found to have plagiarized or defrauded the work of another artist during the Results stage or after the event has ended, their prizes will be rescinded by the Official Gyee Operational Team.

6. Both NSFW and SFW contents are allowed, but there should be no Violence,  Gore, Scat, or underages related to NSFW contents. 

7. The Qualification Criteria :

40% Artwork/Video Aesthetic/Quality

30% Storyline/Theme

30% Originality

The judges will be Gyee Moderators and Kiwifruit Studio Staffs through the scoring process, and the final decision will not be subject to objections.

8. Official Gyee Operational Team reserves the right of final interpretation of the rules of this event.


We would like to thank everyone for supporting us. Please look forward to Gyee in the future with new features, story and more!