[GYEE-EN] Routine Server Maintenance on March 23rd

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:03-22-2021

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We will release the latest version 1.11.0 on March 23rd. The maintenance time is around 12:00 - 18:00 (UTC +8) for SEA server or 0:00 – 6:00 (UTC -4) for NA server. The maintenance time may change according to the release time of App Store and Google Play.

Please download the latest app version.

If you are using a Guest account, please update it in time in case your account might be lost.


*View the content of Version 1.11.0:



【What’s New】

1. New Gyee: Rehoboam  

2. Rehoboam’s [The Nirvanian] Summon is open from March 23rd 4:00 to April 5th 23:59.

Triton’s [The Deep Sea] Summon is open from March 23rd 4:00 to April 5th 23:59.

Bernard’s [The Furry] Summon is open from March 23rd 4:00 to April 5th 23:59.

Moon’s [Under the Moon] Summon is open from March 23rd 4:00 to April 5th 23:59.

3. The new Sign Gift is open from March 24th 4:00 to March 30th 3:59: Log in daily to get Rune Pack Ticket, Pact Stone, and Rehoboam’s Insight.

4. The United Drill is open from March 23rd 4:00 to March 30th 3:59: Enter the event to win Gold, Chaos Flux, and [Markus' Medal].

5. The new Story [Exiled Scholar] is open from March 23rd 4:00 to April 5th 23:59.

6. [Luxurious Cuisine Case] will be available in Supply after the maintenance.

7. [Peter's Secret Bag (The Snow Skin)] will be removed from the Supply after the maintenance. 

8. The Rainbow Skin Shop: New Markus' Rainbow Skin will be available after the maintenance for 50% OFF! The price will be adjusted back in two weeks! 

9. The new Cool Skin of Bernard will be available after the maintenance.

10. The new Invite Event is open from March 23rd 4:00 to April 5th 23:59: Take the time to invite your friends to play the game!

11. The new Pageant [Flame Ambition] is open from March 23rd 4:00 to April 5th 23:59: Mira, Sig, Chang, Rand, Yang, Hart, Priapus, Catherine, Brian, Gaar, Hachi, Sven, Markus, and Taneleer can attend the event.

12. At the request of the copyright owner, Nekojishi characters' Cool Skins and the data of Gyeemates who have activate these three Skins will be removed after the maintenance. Then we will make compensations accordingly.


【Update of Engraving Skills】

1. New Engraving Skill:

Turing - [Machine Body]

Mira - [War Herald]

Su - [Reanimation]

Rita - [Queen]

Markus - [Oathblade]

2. New effect of Yaen’s Engraving Skill: let all allies ignore enemies' invisible state, and increase the damage to invisible enemies.


【Update of Gyees’ Skills】

1. Fixed the effect of Raikoh's Rainbow Skin skill in PVP. 

2. Fixed the problem that Concentration was reduced when Mizuki Koichi didn't use dodge with max Concentration.

3. Fixed the problem that Mizuki Koichi cannot use dodge correctly. 

4. Fixed the problem that when the carrier of [Wanderlight] died, it can still be resurrected.

5. Fixed the problem that [Berserk] cannot be resurrected and cannot gain [God].

6. Exorcist's Engraving Skill [Mana Bite]’s effect of reducing mana restoring was increased from 33% to 34%.

7. Fixed the problem that carrying multiple stacks of [Mana Bite], mana cannot be restored when the effect is removed.

8. Fixed the problem that when Osmond unlocks [Holy Purification], using [Feather Protection] cannot remove all [Shadow] DOTs carried by invisible units. 

9. Fixed the show of self's HP when Musso uses [Death Revenge] and fails due to returned damage.

10. Adjusted Exorcist's passive skill [Attractive Light]: Carry [Holy Guard] can get once Death Immunity (except the condition that the shield is broken). And when Death Immunity is active, the shield will be removed. 

11. Fixed the problem that carrying [Spirit Revival], Rehoboam can cast Spirit effect when using Normal Attack. 

12. Fixed the problem that the next attack cannot be added correctly when self carries 3 stacks of [Energy Burst]

13. Adjusted the resources’ restoring time and removing time for Caius, Su, and Sven. 

14. Fixed the problem that Yaen and Rupor cannot move when they are attacked by [Taunt] in [Deform] state.

15. Fixed the problem that some Gyees cannot obtain Rage and Concentration when they have Miles’ engraving skill [Wait & See] in [Ambush] state. 


So here are all the updates for this maintenance.

Thank you for your love and wish you a happy game!