[GYEE-EN] Version 1.10 Release and Server Maintenance

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-21-2020

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We will release the latest version 1.10.0 on December 22nd. The Server Maintenance will start as soon as the releasing of the new version in the App Store.

It’s about 12:00 - 18:00 (UTC +8) for SEA server or 0:00 – 6:00 (UTC -4) for NA server. 

During maintenance, Gyeemates will not be able to log into the game. Please adjust your playtime accordingly.


For the new features and updates of version 1.10, please visit: https://en.thegyee.com/202012/234065.html

Here are the other changes after the maintenance:


【What’s New】

1. Sven or Grancy’s [Ice and Fire] Summon is open from December 22nd 4:00 to January 5th 23:59.

Moon’s [Under the Moon] Summon is open from December 22nd 4:00 to January 5th 23:59.

Bernard’s [The Furry] Summon is open from December 22nd 4:00 to January 5th 23:59.

2. The new Daily Discount Pack is open from December 22nd 4:00 to January 5th 23:59: Ice Spirit Medal will be awarded here.

3. [Bernard's Secret Bag (The Haunting Skin)], and [Bernard's Secret Bag (The Pink Skin)] will be available in Supply after the maintenance.

4. [Vundo's Secret Bag], and [Vundo's Secret Bag (The Haunting Skin)] will be removed from the Supply after the maintenance.

5. New Private Photo of Eddie - Feather Archer will be available after the maintenance.

6. The Blessing will be reset after the maintenance. Recharging 36000 White Dragonshard will be awarded [Super Skin Ticket] *1, and one [Super Skin Ticket] can be redeemed to [Avatar Soul Skin Ticket] *100 or [Glow - Pure White] *16.

7. The Season Pass will be reset after the maintenance.

8. The Never Isle will be decorated to celebrate Ice Spirit Festival after the maintenance.

9. The Ice Spirit Festival will be open on December 25th 19:00, and will end on January 8th 23:59.

Note: Please enter the Festival by clicking the icon at the lower right corner in the Never Isle.

1) Sign-in: Sign in every day to get the Special Frame for Ice Spirit Festival, Pact Stones, 500 black dragon shards, and other wonderful rewards!

2) Sales: 50% off for Radian's Rainbow Skin, limited to 150 players! Hurry Up!

Osmond's Rainbow Skin, Ice Spirit Decor and other items in discount will also be available.

3) Daily: Enter the activity every day to unlock the special Ice Spirit Festival stories and get your rewards.

4) Puzzle and Redeem: Collect Ice Spirit Festival Bells and Ice Spirit Photo Shards to redeem Special Titles and Special Frame for Ice Spirit Festival. Ice Spirit Festival Bells and Ice Spirit Photo Shards can be obtained through sign-in and daily festival missions, or exchanged with your friends.


【Skill’s Update】

※ Gyee 


1. “Mastery [Refreshment] starts battle with 35 Rages” – Removed.

2. Mastery [Refreshment] self-damage was reduced from 43% to 23%.

3. Fixed an issue where Su's Mastery skills did not take effect.

4. Basic Attack [Procrastinator’s Rage] Passive [Impatience] now only gain 2 stacks of [Monster Defense] in Non-Arena Battles. 

5. As of December 21st 12: 00, players with Su with Epiphany 2 or Weapon Level 3 or higher will obtain [Su’s Seed] via mailbox which will be sent before January 3rd. [Su’s Seed] can be used to revert Su back to zero progression, and refund the materials used.



1. Mastery [Moon Gravity] successive damage increment reduced from 25% to 20%.



1. Basic Attack [Iron Pot] Passive; [Extra Spice] successive damage increment reduced from 100% to 85%.



1.  Advanced Skill [Arcane Cell] damage increased.



1. Advanced Skill [Flying Blossom] and Ultimate Skill [One Flash] damage increased.



1. Mastery [Holy Feather]: Osmond will be automatically defeated when there is no surviving allies in the battlefield.



1. Mastery [Shadow Fang] stacks will not be removed by DoT.


※ Engraving Skill Adjustment

Exorcist - Soul

1. Engraving Skill [Shadow Tribute] Passive; [Tribute] self-recovery increased from 2% to 12% per stack.

2. Engraving Skill [Shadow Tribute] now grants [Fear] immunity.



1. Engraving Skill [Elemental Resonance] now grants [God] at the beginning of battle, lasts for 1 round.


※ Bug Fixed

1. Fixed the issue where Fire Arcanist’s DoT fail to take effect of Radian’s Engraving Skill; Anti-Resurrection mechanism.

2. Fixed Radian’s Engraving Skill fails to take effect.

3. Fixed Lee, Swordsman, and others not consuming stacks when equipping Kitty’s Engraving Skill.

4. Fixed Priapus’s Advanced Skill [Prismatic Missile] hitting all different targets.

5. Fixed Markus’s Basic Attack [Sweeping Blade] critical damage consuming extra Focus Points.

6. Fixed Berserk Swordsman’s Ultimate Skill [Double-Bladed Slash] causing Anti-Resurrection when not killing enemies.

7. Fixed Turing’s [Nanometer Matrix] not increasing [Focus Ray] Charging Damage.

8. Fixed Icon Error of Turing’s [Nano Close-Fitted Material] buff.

9. Treasure Hunt Monster difficulty decreased, Gold drop increased.

10. Fixed the DoT effect of Degenerate Drugster and Serpent Soul Monster Issue.

11. Inner Nexus Monsters’ health slightly decreased.

12. Fixed Nightmare 109-3.

13. Fixed the issue with Yan’s [Paralysis] remains after Yan is defeated.


Here are all the updates for this maintenance.

Thank you for your love and wish you a happy game!