【June 2】#GYEE #Routine maintenance announcement

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:06-01-2020

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#GYEE #UpdateNote

We will perform SEA server maintenance at 4:10 pm on 2 June (UTC+8) and NA server maintenance at 4:10 AM on 2 June (UTC-4) lasting for 30 mins. This may change depending on certain situations.

During maintenance, Gyeemates will not be able to log into the game. Please adjust your playtime accordingly.


The contents of this update are as follows:

New level: level 55, and related new artisouls, new runes, new undercurrents, new exchanges, new main branch

New Five Eyed Gyee: Daley (and Raikoh for NA)

New gameplay: World BOSS


1. Daily active check-in (03 June 04:00:01 AM - 16 June 03:59:59 AM): Log in every day to get gold coins, Choji take out meals, chaos flux, Pact stones, defense team volunteer medals and other materials

2. The Never Island combat activity is open for a limited time: you can get several items such as chaos flux, gold coins, and soul essence.

Never Isle - Disaster of Cooking (02 June 04:00 - 09 June 04:00)

Never Isle - Garden War of the Moon Spirit (09 June 04:00 - 16 June 04:00)

3. Daley Time-Limited Card Pool (6.2 ~ 6.15): The 【Surf and Fish】 summon banner will be open from June 2 to 15 June which can guarantee Daley after 7 Gyee summons

4. Raikoh Time Limit Card Pool (6.2 ~ 6.22): The 【Heavenly Thunder God】 summon banner will be open from 2 June to 22 June which can guarantee Raikoh after 10 Gyee summons

5. Store shelves: Level up treasure chest

Off shelf:

Remove the Vundo Halloween Bag, Vundo Summer Bag, Rand Halloween Bag

The above is the updated content of this new version, thank you guys for your continuous support for our game!

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