【May 12】#GYEE #UpdateNote

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:05-11-2020

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We will perform SEA server maintenance at 4:10 PM on 12 May (UTC+8) and NA server maintenance at 4:10 AM on 12 May(UTC-4) lasting for 30 mins. This may change depending on certain situations. During maintenance, Gyeemates will not be able to log into the game. Please adjust your playtime accordingly.


1. New Gyee: Shawn!

The 【Son of Sacred Sword】 summon banner will be open from 12 May to 25 May which can guarantee Shawn after 7 summons

2. Additional Story: Shawn's plot story.

3. Month of May Labor Day Special Sign-3 (13 May ~ 19 May): Log in every day to earn Black Dragonshards and an exclusive Labor Day profile picture.

4. Daily Sign-in update. You can get Snacks, Pack stones, Chaos Flux and many valuable rewards by daily sign-in from 16 May to 26 May.

5. United Drill open from 12 May to 19 May, you can get medals by participating in the event which maybe redeemed for free Pack stones and other wonderful rewards.

6. Daily Discount Pack update: You can get Common Images, pack stones, Legendary Artisouls amongst others by participating in daily purchases


Lan’s secret bag sold in the shop will be closed.


Optimize the novice player experience of the NA server arena

Thank you for your support, and happy gaming!

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