Source:Gyee Official Website Date:02-25-2020

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We will perform server maintenance at 10 am on Feb.25 (UTC+8), lasting for 30 mins, this may change depending on certain situations. During maintenance, Gyeemates will not be able to log into game. Please adjust your playtime accordingly.

Spring Blossom Festival~ Everything comes back to life in the New Year. Spring flowers wish you a beautiful mood!


1.A new item in Darkflux Raid - Spring Blossom drops. Spring Blossoms can be redeemed for Vundo skin tickets and Insight.

2.Three Big Cats's united event is coming again! Gate Pact opens Lin Hu to the summon pool. Yan Shu-Chi and Likulau will also reappear one by one thereafter~

3.Adds Vundo's summer skin. Gate Pact opens Vundo's summon pool. Vundo's Secret Bag is available for purchase in the shop.

【Off Shelves】

1.The Hou, Ranmaru, Carter, Gaar and Miles's summon pools will end at 4:00 on February 25 (UTC+8).

2.After Valentine's Day, Love Chocolate Box will be removed from the shelves after maintenance.

3.The New Level Case will be closed to be sold in the shop.

4.The Miles's United Drill will end.

【System Update】

1.Nightmare open the chapters 5 and 6.

2.With the improvement of Gyeemates to level 49, Rupor Show, Oathblades and Order of Equality will increase the challenge difficulty to include 4th level. The Gyeemates with higher level can challenge higher difficulty then get more rewards.

3.Fixed the function that last week almost of Gyeemates mentioned--Allow 'lock team' option in arcana tower and oathblades.

4.Restart the temp story triggered by the Otherworldly Gush! Reminding Gyeemates who still haven't finished the activity task to hurry and complete the tasks.

Thank you for joining our loving world!