Love Story

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:02-19-2020

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【Love Story】

Happy Valentine, for today, our Waifu/Husbando will help us pass this event together(esp. Single like me)

Today is such a special day to step up the intimacy and luckily ,my dear Peter got full intimacy bar, today!

And here’s some conversation(inspired by his quest)

Avatar:Happy Valentine,Mr.Peter! U u uhmm... H..Here is your chocolate!

Peter: Oh,thank you and Happy Valentine (he said it straight face and start furrowing his brows)

Avatar: Uhmm... You don’t like sweets or chocolate?... I see you furrowing your brows

Peter: No,…sigh..., sorry that I made you misunderstand that. It’s probably because I must always be alert, you may call it “my bad habit” since I worked as a bodyguard and even after I left to start my Dojo. (He start to unfoil the chocolate)

Avatar: Wow, you must feel exhausted... to always be alert all this time.

Peter: No, I’m not. Well, I have no choice. Protecting someone I “care” and “cherish” ... and “You” are also “someone I cherish”(He said it while taking a bite on the chocolate he got)

Avatar:(Me.exe has stopped working. I passed out with nosebleed.)

Peter suddenly held me to the infirmary of the ship.

【Gyeemate】Tirawat Chotkittikul

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