Source:Gyee Official Website Date:02-18-2020

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We will perform server maintenance at 10 am on Feb.18 (UTC+8), lasting for 30 mins. This may change depending on certain situations. During maintenance, Gyeemates will not be able to log into game. Please adjust your playtime accordingly.


1.Miles's United Drill meets new challenges! Complete daily challenges to get rewards such as EXP, Chaos Flux, and gold. United Drill medals can also be redeemed for Yan's Haunting Skin Shardand Pure Flux Elixir.

2.A new character-Gaar is coming! The Gate of Pact will open Gaar's summon pool which will guarantee Gaar after 10 full summons are drawn; at the same time, the Rand card pool will be opened again, and a Rand will be guaranteed after 7 full summons.

3.The Yan's Secret Bag and Rand's Secret Bag are on sale in the shop. Purchase to collect the Haunting Skin for Yan and Rand.

4.Daily Discount Pack update: Yan's Haunting Skin Shard can be obtained by purchase.


1.Mike, Peter and Nemesio's summon card pool will end at 4 o'clock (UTC + 8) on February 18.

2.Virus elimination event will end at 4:00 (UTC + 8) on February 18

3.Peter's Secret Bag in the shop will be removed after maintenance.

4.Fixed the problem that the configuration of the Nightmare Raid's team and Carter's epiphany attribute are incorrectly configured.

Thank you for joining our loving world!