Source:Gyee Official Website Date:01-13-2020

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We will perform server maintenance at 10 am on Jan.14 (UTC+8), lasting for 30 mins, this may change depending on certain situations. During maintenance, Gyeemates will not be able to log into the game. Please adjust your playtime accordingly.

1.New Story Expansion in Otherworldly Gush ! let's look forward to it~

2.Vundo's Haunting Skin will be available. You can unlock Vundo's Haunting Skin Shards by purchasing Vundo's Secret Bag on the shop or collecting 'The Vampire' daily Package. Don't miss the Time-limited Offer for a great price!

3.【Arcana Master】Album will be on sale on the shop, and Gyeemates are guaranteed to obtain Vundo within 10 multi-pulls !

4.Yan, Hart, and Moon new Private Photos. You can unlock them when they reach a certain level of Intimacy!

#Items to be removed#

【Might of Swords】Album and Ranmaru's Secret Bag will be removed from sale.

Thank you for joining our loving world!️