Guide for Musso

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:11-20-2019

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Role: Warrior


Basic Attack: Brutality Rage: 0 Cooldown: 0


Musso wields the dual daggers toward 1 enemy, dealing physical damage equal to P.ATK73%.

Active 1: Vamp Rage: 0 Cooldown 3 turns

Musso slashes 2 to 4 enemies, dealing physical damage equal to P.ATK71%.

Active 2: Death Revenge: Rage: 45+ Cooldown: No


Musso throws the daggers out and leaps to 1 enemy to strike hard, dealing physical damage equal to P.ATK396%. This skill consumes all the Rage and increases the damage dealt.



Each damage dealt by Musso inflict 1 [Slit] on the target hit.

[Slit]: Targets affected receive physical damage equal to PATK(Basis + Mastery) before they make a move, lasting 2 turns, up to 3 stacks. When there is a target affected by the max stack of [Slit], Musso's damage increases by 10% for 2 turns.

Stat Priority

Pure Damage

Musso does not have any form of utility to the team, and his primary role is to dole out damage.

Priority must be give to strength, then critical chance and damage, then mastery and as an option, some speed.


Musso is one of the most straightforward damagers of the game. All his abilities deal damage, and apply DoT. He is auto-friendly for PvE content, and is a good unit for PvP.

His ability to get a turn reset on kill, paired with his strong single target damage, can allow for match defining attacks on PvP, as one lucky crit, can determine the who has the advantage.

His innate ability to increase his own damage, while stacking DoT on his targets can provide some exponential damage increase, which can even be made more potent if paired with another unit that further amplifies his damage like Sig, or units that can amplify damage enemies receive like Izumi, or Rand.

Being a rage based unit, continous skirmishes can prove an advantage due to rage gain, whether dealing or receiving to allow for him to unleash his ultimate.

His passives mostly revolve around rage gain, and with some luck, his resource economy is always in a surplus, allowing you to use Death Revenge consecutively as it has no cooldowns, just a rage cost.


As a melee rage resource unit, he is susceptible to disables, mainly frost.

As frost stops him in his tracks to deal out damage, forcing him to defend also gives out a penalty to rage accrued.

Having no utility or any disables in his kit, he is practically unable to contribute anything to turn the tides of battle to your favor, aside from his ability to down enemy units.

Pairing him with Osmond works great as he can both cleanse control and non control debuffs, but also give him immunity.


Musso's goal is to execute an enemy unit as soon as he is able, stacks rage by throwing out a vamp soon as you can, with its passive unlocked, should apply full stacks of bleed to an enemy, using brutality on any of them on the next turn should then proc his passive to boost his attack. By then one should have more than enough rage to use his death revenge, which may secure you a kill on the third turn.

Paired with his ability to reset his turn, and his rage gain mechanics, you may be able to consecutively cast death revenge as the fight goes on. Netting you some sweet and satisfying kills.