Mira's Birthday!

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-02-2019

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Dear Gyeemates! The dev team has fixed the bugs relating to our last update. Two main points of the fix are:

The problem with the Brian Album and Lan's new skin not showing up on their respective menus has now been resolved. Logging back on the client will automatically apply this update.

Player records have been extracted for those that have pulled for Brian has been retained. If you already have reached the 7 gyee pull limit and have yet to receive Brian, you will be compensated accordingly but please allow us 1 business day to validate.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to everyone!

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Go and have a look with Josh, as he takes a peek with our latest update! Watch a he takes a little preview on our newer additions to the roster, Moon!

Go and see what he has to say about his current skillset and see if he is the adorable furball you have been waiting for! While youre at it, go and see how festive Never Isle have become from the last with our new Winter Update!

We hope you all get to enjoy and appreciate as much as he did!

Today is Mira's Birthday! Happy Birthday to Mira!

"I stand by my sword" —MiraMira‘s Gyee Information

Seiyu (Voice Actor) - Gakki

Artist - My Partner

Rarity - Legendary

Element - Fire

Class - Warrior

Stat Priority (Enchantments)

Arcana - Strength; Earth - Crit Rate; Fire - Strength; Metal - Crit Damage; Water - Mastery; Wood - Mastery

This build proposes that Mira focus on improving her damage output. Her primary source of damage would be her mastery skill thus priority should be given to her mastery stat. Stats which would boost her damage output would include Strength and Crit Rate.