VIII. The Never Isle

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-12-2019

Seren , along with the surviving Azrians, began their journey westward. They stopped at the Misty River and built their new home at an island in the middle of a lake that they called the Mercy. Seren used the power of a legendary artifact made by Ka himself, the Eye of Illusion, to ward the island from potential intruders. Those without a unique token would never find the entrance to this sanctuary. Seren named the island the Never Isle.


1114 N.B.

Seren passed on his knowledge and power to his student, Ivy, when he grew too old to continue his duties.


In the meantime, the Gyee on the island had split into two parties.


One called the Sword of Oath was founded by Raven’s right-hand man, Markus. They hated normal humans, referring to them derogatorily and hatefully as plain folks. They refused to form connections with humans. They built strongholds around the world in order to develop their military might to bring their vengeance to bear against the White Cloaks..


Another was the Order of Equality, founded by Harmon’s right-hand man, Jonas. They believed that only communication and diplomacy could bridge the gulf of misunderstandings and difference between Gyees and normal humans. They hid their eyes to disguise themselves amongst the mundanes and made it their priority to spread their gospel of equality. Sometimes that came with spreading ideas and speeches. Sometimes that meant saving the lives of Gyees who were in danger.


Though the two factions had different opinions that led to much internecine between them, they both shared a mutual hope that someday, all Gyee could be restored to the esteem and honor they were once held in and no longer need to hide from persecution.


Someday in 1115 N.B.

The Arcanists across the world felt a usual Current ripple through the fabric of existence on this day.


An enormous amount of Current tore a rift in space and time. Something was soon to enter this world, but what?