VI. The Establishment of Azria.

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-12-2019

998 N.B.

Az was born into a family of educators at Elynend.


1008 N.B.

Az found out that he was a Gyee when he was ten. Fortunately, Elynend was very open to Gyees. Az grew quickly under the care of his parents. He also showed incredible talent in controlling the Current.


1010 N.B.

When Az was twelve, he had learned everything that his teacher of the Arcane could teach him. His teacher then recommended to Aaron- the master of the Arcane and High Priest of Light.


Az went to Kaigon and became a student of Aaron. Az learned much about the Arcane from Aaron, and was also influenced by Aaron’s ideals that everyone deserves equality and love.

1016 N.B.

When Az was eighteen, began his travels across the world. He witness kindness and understanding toward the Gyee, but also prejudice and hatred. A determination took root in him, an idea. He had to change the conditions of the Gyee.


1021 N.B.

Az went to the Light Nexus located at the mid-section of the Elyn River when he was twenty-three.


The Light Nexus was crafted by obsidian. The Current flows in the obsidian, but some of it also escapes and gathers around the Nexus. The current was so powerful that ordinary humans could not live close to the Nexus. Thus, Az planted a seed of the Nine-leaf, a plant that feeds from the Current, next to the Nexus. It only took a week for the Nine-leaf to cover most of the obsidian. The concentration of the Current around the Nexus had been reduced that even ordinary humans could live next to it.


Az built a Kaist temple next to the Light Nexus. He advocated equality and tried to better relations between the ordinary humans and Gyees. Since the temple was located at the middle of the Elyn River, it  became a hub between the Ferry and Elynend. This geographic position drew many people to hit as both ordinary people and Gyee seek the Light Nexus.


A city been built around the Light Nexus; people named it Azria, the city of Az.


People wished for Az to become mayor. However, Az refused the position, choosing to become a priest of Kaism instead. People then elected many departments to run the city. However, they would ask Az for his opinion when making important decisions.


1034 N.B.

Azria was a city of a different kind; those who were seen as aberrant or unusual were truly treated equally here.


However, Rock knew that Az was a Gyee, and had been planning to eliminate him for a long time. He led his army to blockade the entrance of Azria in order to force them to hand over Az. Az emerged from the gate alone in order to parley with Rock and spare his people. Yet, the hearts of Rock’s soldiers were crumbling under the pressure, and he knew that they could hold their wrath in no longer.  He commanded them to attack. In response to this, the citizens of Azria rallied and flooded out from the gate to protect Az. This war was later called the Battle of Azria and the Whites, culminating in the failure of the White Cloaks and the disappearance of Rock.


Stricken with guilt for the lives that were lost on both sides, Az resigned from being a priest of Light. However, the people of Azria still found need for his wisdom, so they finally made Az the mayor of the city.


1045 N.B.

After ten years of service, Az decided to pass his power on to the next generation. He created the House of Representatives and the Parliament of the Three. Citizens of Azria could vote for their desired representatives in the House of Representatives, and determine which three individuals they wished to bestow power upon to run the Parliament of the Three.


Az focused on developing education and public services after his retirement. He drafted rules for schooling to ensure the education of all his people. These rules came at great benefit to the schools within the city, which in turn produced elite scholars in a myriad of fields.


Az would also travel around the world sometimes, helping others and spreading his ideas. His followers collected his wisdom and stories from it came a book- the Book of One. This book was separated into three sections: Bright Side of Loong Mountains talks about the history of Gyee; Pure Inside of Universe discusses the wisdom of life; Knowledge of Arcane Current, as it mentioned in the title, talks about the Current.