V. The beginning of the new era

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-12-2019

A giant mountain range was formed by the explosion; it was later named the Loong Mountains. The western region of the Loong Mountains that lacked any vegetation was called the Shadow Land.


The Shadow Hunter had built the Westhold around the Loong Mountains as a defensive line against the Shadows.


Ursus the Bear took over Dara the Tiger’s position as one of the four Guardians. The beasts and the Guardians returned to the woods to recover.


Kaism moved its roots from Stillwind Bay to the Water Nexus. They built a city there called Kaigon.



VI. The Disaster of the Gyee


A thousand years after the Second War of Shadows, humans slowly forgot about the dangers they once faced.


Kaism had risen from ashes, led by a priest with the cryptonym “Grey Serpent.” They corrupted beasts, assaulted villages, then framed the Gyee for their crimes.


Doubt begun to spread. People grew to fear the Gyee suspected that they held sway over the power of shadows as the Gyee were capable of communicate with beasts and some had beast-like appearances. The epithet Yellow Eye was used to refer to the Gyee as their eyes burned gold. They also began to isolate and abuse Gyees. Some extremists even began to lynch and burn Gyees.


Some Gyee sought sanctuary at Kaist temples; some went hiding in the woods. Those who hadn’t been known as Gyee learned to hide their identities.


The western area with the Ferry at the center was the most hostile to Gyees. The further east one would go, however, the more open people were to the Gyee. The people of Elynend and the east coast were in particular the most tolerant. Thanks to Kaigon, Gyee were also protected in the Southern area.


988 N.B. (the New Born)

Rock, the leader of the garrison of the Ferry, hadno prejudice towards Gyee. That, however, changed when Rock’s wife lost her life in an attack orchestrated by the Order of Shadows. They successfully blurred the truth and blamed Gyee for the attack. Driven to madness and savagery by his suffering, Rock descended into the Ferry’s prison and butchered every last Gyee inside. He never smiled again after that, earning him the moniker: Stone Face.


After the massacre, Rock left the garrison and established the Sword of Light. Rock claimed that this organization was here to against the Shadows. However, Rock’s true intent was to cleanse the world of Gyee.


Because of the misguided fears towards Gyee and the Shadows, those wealthy and power  at the Ferry funded the Sword of Light. Its reputation was bolstered through several successful defensive battles of different villages, which attracted more new blood to join their organization..


However, their habit of breaking into houses without consent nor permission to hunt for Gyee earned them many foes amongst the common folk. They soon were known by another name to those disagreed with them: the White Cloak.


992 N.B.

August, the alcalde of the Barn which located at the mid-section of the Elyn River, had an excellent reputation in his town. So devoted was he to serving his city that he never had the time to get married. He donated a large amount of money for the orphanage and much of his time bettering the lives of orphans.


During an outdoor excursion, they were attacked by Shadow Beasts. At the very moment when the kids were going to be killed, August used the Current and transformed into a wolf. He protected the kids until the soldiers arrived. The kids were safe, but August’s secret identity as a Gyee was now exposed to the public.


August resigned from his position to recover and avoid spreading rumors. People in the town accepted August as Gyee because of his past deeds. However, there was a small group of townsfolk who attempted to execute August.


The news spread to the Ferry. Rock led the Sword of Light headed to the Barn to capture August. The townsfolk refused to hand August to the White Cloak which almost started an armed conflict. August didn’t want his people getting hurt, so he surrendered to Rock willingly. He was later burned alive by the White Cloak.


This event latter was being named as the Fire of the Barn, also being told in two different versions. One admires the sacrifice and saint heart of August’s; another defines him as a schemer who worked for the Shadows.