IV. The Second War of Shadow

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-12-2019

The Shadow Legion began their assault on the Northwestern part of the land. The Dara Altar and the Mona Altar were soon defeated. The legion released Moccus the Giant Boar and Naga the Hydra from their respective seals. Using The Ferry boundaries of control, the western part of the land now fell under the dominion of the Shadow Legion. Finally, they headed toward the southeast of Luxium.


11014 E.L.

The Legion arrived at the southern coast and soon conquered the Mokaur Altar.


The Legion then headed northeast. Meanwhile, Garuda the Crane sent Ingram to The Clouded isles to seek help from the Loong.


Humans put up a valiant defense but the power of corruption was beyond them. Defenders turned to enemies, the land turned against the inhabitants, and soon the corrupted outnumbered the pure.


The Shadow Hunters was established by Bernie in this year as the last stand against the Shadows. Bernie assembled all those bearing the skills necessary to form a force dedicated to halting the Shadows. Among them, Gyees who could control the Current served as vital parts of this organization.


The Kaists also joined the war. The High Priest of Light, Ellis, established the White Head. They cure injuries, ward off the Shadows, and purify humans and beasts alike.


General Gerald in Elynend also organized the ordinary peoples of Luxium and formed front against the Shadow.


11015 E.L.

The Battle of Loong Hide


General Gerald had found himself surrounded by the Shadow Legion at the Battle of Loong Hide. Bernie,leading Shadow Hunters,  hurried to his rescue. However, it turned out to be a trap, which led to the capture of Bernie. Kai, Bernie’s Soul Mate, became the new leader of the Shadow Hunters.


With help from the Loong, the Mokaru Altar was purified. The tide had begun to turn.


11016-19 E.L.

The Garuda Altar was purified not long after.


Ellis, The High Priest of Light, found that the power which used to seal Kel was contained in a crystal called The Floating Light. Ellis believed that the power of The Floating Light could eradicate the Origin of the Shadow.


Through the deciphering of information in the ancient texts, Ellis located The Floating Light at The Curve, in the North Desert. He led a team of Kaists to search for the crystal. They eventually found a dungeon full of traps and puzzles. The group passed all the traps, solved every puzzle, defeated the Shadow Demon by the crystal, and finally got The Floating Light.


11020 E.L.

The endgame took place back where it all started- the Ash Woods.


The Dara Altar had been corrupted so long that there was no chance of purification. To make matters worse, General Gerald had to face the now corrupted champion of the Shadows, Dara the Tiger. Even though the Shadow Legion had been weakened, they were still far more powerful than the allied forces. There was no way that the allied force could possibly survive in a straight fight. However, Gerald was not there to win. Rather, he was there to serve as a distraction for Kai and the Shadow Hunters.


While the main forces were preparing for the final battle, Kai and the elites of the Shadow Hunters had already gone deep into the Ash Woods. Several days later, they arrived at the Light Temple. Only Enoch, the High Priest of Shadows, and a few members of The Order of Shadow remained in the temple. However, Kai saw someone who he always wanted to find but never expected to be in the temple, Bernie.


Bernie had been corrupted by Enoch, enthralled into being a Shadow Servant. Through terrible sacrifice and righteous fury, Kai defeated Enoch, and also slew Bernie with his own hands. Kai and the rest of the team performed a ritual, offering their lives to power the Floating Light in exchange for destroying the Jar of Shadows and the Kel inside. After the crystal fulfilled its purpose, it shattered, scattering across the world.


Even though the Jar and Kel had been destroyed, there were still uncountable numbers of Shadows that managed to escape. Those among them surging to the front lines caused mass casualties among the allied forces.


The seven Loong who gave themselves to the war effort found themselves overtaxed by energy. In a final act, they released the cataclysmic energies building up within themselves and unleashed it. With this final act of nobility, they perished alongside the legion.


The Second War of Shadow ended with a roaring echo.